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Our agency offers a full suite of technical SEO services with an ultimate goal — improving your website’s performance, visibility, and usability.

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Technical SEO Process

1 Defining site`s purpose
2 Evaluating the technical basics
3 Site inspection
4 Crawl analysis
5 Indexation analysis
6 Formulation of SEO-strategy

Our Technical Search Engine Optimization Expertise

Technical SEO Audit

Our company provides technical SEO audit services for websites of any size and complexity — from simple landing pages to enormous online stores. A technical audit helps diagnose and describe any issues affecting your site’s performance

Technical SEO Audit

Competitor Analysis

To help improve your site’s ranking, we will have to analyze other successful websites operating in the same industry. In comparing the technical factors and solutions employed by your competitors, we can identify areas of improvement for your site.

Competitor Analysis

Speed Optimization

The speed at which websites load is a direct ranking factor for search engines. It also indirectly impacts your site’s conversion rates as users generally avoid browsing slow websites. Accordingly, speed is essential for both search engine optimization and improving the user experience.

Speed Optimization

Structured Data Markup

Having relevant structured data on a website is crucial for optimizing websites as this information is specifically designed to help Googlebot better understand the content of your pages. We will evaluate the structured data on your website, looking for any deficiencies and drawbacks.

Structured Data Markup

Website Migration

Usually, site migration involves a domain change, however, in terms of SEO, it may also be connected to any major modifications in a site’s structure. Any such event is typically associated with certain disruptions and may negatively affect a website’s ranking. We can help you prepare to minimize these risks and make the migration as seamless as possible.

Website Migration

Server Logs Analysis

To better understand how Googlebot crawls your website, we need to analyze its server logs. Based on this analysis, we can understand whether the bots notice the pages essential for ranking. While at it, we will also look for the “low-quality” pages in terms of SEO. All this data will allow us to provide you with recommendations on optimizing your website’s overall crawlability and the crawl budget.

Server Logs Analysis

Image Optimization

Similar to the text content, images significantly affect a website’s search ranking. Being the core element, they also require optimizing for the entire site to perform at maximum capacity. As part of the technical SEO audit, we will assess whether the images present on your website are slowing it down.

Image Optimization

Some of our Cases


After basic optimization, we increased traffic by 207%.

Healthcare website

Preparation of SEO recommendations on the structure of the website pages.

EdTech website

Preparing the website for launch according to our recommendations.

Ecommerce website

Technical SEO recommendation before launching the website.

B2B Service website
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Our Tools For Technical SEO Optimization

PageSpeed Insight PageSpeed Insight
Lighthouse Lighthouse
Netpeak Spider Netpeak Spider
Screaming Frog Screaming Frog
Usability Tools Usability Tools
Chrome DevTools Chrome DevTools
Microsoft Power BI Microsoft Power BI

Why Choose Us?

Highly proficient at boosting websites Highly proficient at boosting websites
Perform comprehensive web-audits Perform comprehensive web-audits
We tell you how it will affect the site We tell you how it will affect the site
Produce an exhaustive report Produce an exhaustive report

Our clients

Halo Lab is run by true professionals with a strong sense of design. I'm delighted with the branding work they did.

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Max Weisbrod Baton

The efforts have continued to satisfy expectations, reducing bounce rates in a timely and effective way. Halo Lab focuses on precision, ensuring the work they deliver is thorough and correct.

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Mike Parker Lantern

The logos and website helped boost sales and brand recognition, thanks to Halo Lab’s understanding of business goals.

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Roy Shang Aera

Both the website and the branding are in the process of being rolled out but have been well-received thus far.

client photo
Yavor Georgiev Fusebit

The designs ended up helping the internal stakeholders raise funds. The specialists maintained excellent project management skills throughout the process.

client photo
Farah Allen The Labz

The Halo Labs team was a stable partner, delivering quality work and showing flexibility in their approach. Their unique ideas and work ethic made them a valuable asset.

client photo
Alexander Kozma Ingal Room Six


What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO implies evaluating and improving your site’s search ranking by affecting its loading speed, crawlability, indexability, and more. Professionally optimized sites are likely to be ranked higher, faster, and more responsive.

Why is it Important?

Unoptimized sites tend to fall into obscurity no matter the quality of their content. If search bots find it hard to crawl and index your site, it will most likely be ranked too low with inadequate conversion rates. Technical SEO is a set of measures to ensure your site stays visible and attracts organic traffic.

What technical elements of websites do you optimize?

To help your site skyrocket to the top, we need to exercise a comprehensive approach. Thus, we will review all the possible elements to address any flaws and deficiencies. We will look at optimizing your pages, images, titles, heading tags, sitemaps, meta descriptions, robot.txt file, and much more.

Is Technical SEO On-Page?

Yes, technical SEO is primarily about improving your site’s ranking by addressing its performance and visibility issues.
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“Halo Lab delivered a unique and original design that makes my company stand out from the competition — they didn’t provide a template-based design or something trendy. Their development is world-class and perfection itself.”

Ronan Casey

Founder at Baamboozle