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We provide top-notch Gatsby development services. With this framework, our Gatsby developers create high-performance and blazing-fast web applications.

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Gatsby.js Development Process

1 Product research
2 Design CMS structure
3 Create Gatsby app
4 Add CMS data to the app
5 Test and release
6 Prepare next versions

Our Gatsby.js Development Expertise

Static Sites Development

Gatsby is a popular framework for building content-rich static websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites. By using this technology, we create fast, well-optimized, and performant products that can be deployed easily to a variety of hosting platforms.

Static Sites Development

Gatsby Front-end Development

At Halo Lab, we know everything about front-end and Gatsby web development. To ensure optimal results, our experts use Gatsby’s pre-rendering features and generate static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for faster page loading times and improved SEO.

Gatsby Front-end Development

Progressive Web Applications

With Gatsby, we build progressive web applications (PWAs) that are high-functional and immersive. Its advanced pre-fetching and pre-rendering capabilities also allow us to add smooth transitions between pages and achieve near-instant page loads.

Progressive Web Applications

Gatsby.js with Headless CMS

Our team has extensive experience working with various headless CMS platforms, including Contentful, Strapi, and Sanity. By mixing any of them with Gatsby, we can create a quality product that is optimized for search engines and easily scalable.

GatsbyJS with Headless CMS

Migration to Gatsby

Migration to Gatsby involves moving an existing website or web application to the Gatsby framework. For our team, this process typically involves converting the front-end codebase to Gatsby and migrating any data from the previous system to this framework.

Migration to Gatsby

Some of our Cases


Full-stack development agency that helps businesses with web and mobile development solutions

Secure Privacy
Secure Privacy

The resource provides other websites with solutions to GDPR and additional Legacy information

SaaS platform
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Our Gatsby Tech Stack

Gatsby.js Gatsby.js
React.js React.js
GraphQL GraphQL
Prismic Prismic
sanity Sanity
Shopify Shopify

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design solutions Scalable and adjustable code
effective ideas Timely projects completion
business Fast and easy communication

Our clients

Leveraging multiple communication platforms, Halo Lab was responsive and communicative despite the long-distance nature of the collaboration.

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Alexey Dubov Mighty Buildings

The efforts have continued to satisfy expectations, reducing bounce rates in a timely and effective way. Halo Lab focuses on precision, ensuring the work they deliver is thorough and correct.

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Andrew Taber PixWireless

So far, all websites produced by Halo Lab were performing great. And because of that, the client is seeing significant success thanks to Halo Lab’s help.

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Dan Malone Mawla

Fantastic team, easy to communicate with, and they always provide fantastic results. Thanks again for everything!

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Eddie Hudson Divelement

Halo Lab's team was nice to work with and was willing to work hard and ready to jump in when needed. They communicated seamlessly and went above and beyond to meet all needs.

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David Manshoory Alleyoop

The Halo Labs team was a stable partner, delivering quality work and showing flexibility in their approach. Their unique ideas and work ethic made them a valuable asset.

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Alexander Kozma Ingal Room Six


What is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a free and open-source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing-fast websites and web applications. It uses modern web technologies, including GraphQL and Webpack, to provide a high-performance, scalable, and optimized development experience. Gatsby is well-suited for building content-rich static websites, as well as progressive web applications (PWAs) that offer near-instant page loads and a smooth user experience.

Why should I choose Gatsby?

There are several reasons why you should consider choosing Gatsby for your website or web application. Firstly, Gatsby is known for its blazing-fast performance, making it ideal for building high-speed and responsive sites. Secondly, it offers advanced caching and pre-fetching capabilities that ensure your site is fully functional even when offline. Thirdly, Gatsby provides a seamless developer experience, thanks to its support for modern web technologies like React and GraphQL. Fourthly, Gatsby has a large and active developer community, which means that you can benefit from a vast array of plugins, templates, and other resources. Finally, Gatsby is an open-source and free tool, making it an affordable and accessible option for businesses of all sizes.

How long does it take to build a page using Gatsby?

Building a page using Gatsby can vary in time depending on the complexity of the page, the amount of content, and the level of customization required. However, because of Gatsby's pre-rendering and caching capabilities, pages can be built and loaded extremely quickly.

What is the difference between Next.js and Gatsby?

The main difference between Next.js and Gatsby development is their approach to building websites. Gatsby is a static site generator that pre-builds pages at build time, and Next.js is a server-side rendering framework that generates pages dynamically at runtime. This means that Gatsby can provide faster page loads and better SEO, while Next.js offers more flexibility and interactivity. Additionally, Gatsby has a strong focus on the JAMstack architecture. At the same time, Next.js is built on top of React and provides more traditional server-side rendering capabilities. Ultimately, the choice between Gatsby and Next.js depends on the specific needs and requirements of your project.
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