COSMIC Social Media Management Tool for effective teamwork

INDUSTRY: advertising, internet, software

About the project

The client

Zoomsphere is a popular six-in-one digital marketing management tool that helps customers ensure excellent communication. It is a useful and practical instrument for influencers, digital agencies, and brands willing to increase their presence on social media and grow their fan base. Although initially, Zoomsphere was a more or less traditional social media management tool, they soon chose to expand into the digital marketing domain.

Services we provided:
Logo REDESIGN brand identity
1 month
Zoomsphere Screenshots


The task

When ZoomSphere contacted us, they were in the middle of a transformation, shifting the business focus to become something greater. With that change in mind, the client wanted us to help them adjust how their product communicated information to the users. We had to make sure visitors could immediately see that this is a marketing app store with a heavy focus on social media. This functional conversion called for a visual update, which we’ve gladly agreed to help them with.

Zoomsphere Cover


The result

For this project, we chose to explore the concept of a solar system. Since ZoomSphere is a platform offering various apps and modules, we interpreted them as planets revolving around a radiant central star. Naturally, this required a fitting color scheme, and we introduced a sophisticated stellar gradient.

After some intense work with a sprinkle of creative magic, we presented our redesign to the client. Suffice to say, they fell in love with what we’ve shown them, and you could undoubtedly see why. The new design is neat, profound, and straight to the point.

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