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INDUSTRY: Financial Services, Information Technology, SAAS

The outset

Catalyze background

Catalyze AI is a cutting-edge platform that leverages predictive analytics to empower financial services and real estate professionals by identifying their target customers. With advanced machine learning and data analysis techniques, it provides deep insights, customized recommendations, and efficient sales strategies for business development. The platform was created to simplify the complex process of customer engagement and help users easily achieve their business goals.

Services we provided:

UX/UI design Webflow


2 month

Specifics & results

The revolutionary presence of artificial intelligence has a significant impact on our digital era. No wonder top tech giants, including Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft, actively invest in AI development.

According to Grand View Research, in 2022, the global artificial intelligence market was valued at USD 136.55 billion and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.3% between 2023 to 2030. By creating an effective and easy-to-use AI platform, Catalyze’d founders also contributed to these figures and helped various businesses and organizations boost their prosperity and income.


Global AI market size


Latest Catalyze funding round


Latest Catalyze deal amount


The client reached us with a particular request to create a straightforward website that would boost customer engagement. Their old site was causing several problems, including a convoluted customer path and a challenging sign-up process. These issues were negatively impacting Catalyze and had to be resolved ASAP. To cope with all project’s pain points and move forward with a more efficient website, the client needed full-scale digital help.



To address the client’s concerns, our team developed a custom website that streamlined the user flow and made the sign-up process more intuitive. We designed a clean and user-friendly interface that simplifies the customer path; quick and easy registration; one-click purchasing options; and logical navigation to enhance the user experience. All these solutions aimed to create a trustworthy and recognizable identity for Catalyze.


Data collection

In-depth competitive research

To create a standout image for Catalyze, our team analyzed competitors with similar services and the same target audience — financial advisors and real estate agents. During the research, we noticed that major competitors of the platform had a clear and straightforward content structure, but they lacked eye-catching details and smooth user flow. With this info in mind, our team aimed to create a minimalist concept with unusual accents and intuitive navigation, providing users with the best experience and uniquely presenting Catalyze AI.


Concept & Ideas

Catalyze authentic personality

Our design concept prioritized empowering growth through simplicity and trust. To successfully implement these ideas, we chose design solutions that emphasized vital site components, making it look more friendly and less “official”.

We achieved this effect through a balanced color palette and various dynamic elements — the most standout attributes of a bright and memorable Catalyze image. To help users better perceive the information and easily find the needed section, our team added clean animated icons with graceful green elements. Ultimately, we aimed to create a friendly and authentic atmosphere that reflects Catalyze’s simple and effective business solutions for everyone.


UX/UI process

Minimalistic design with flavorful inserts

Our experts wanted to design a minimalist website with a pleasant user experience for financial advisers and real estate agents — the client’s target audience. For this, we divided the site’s structure into separate pages, making it easy for customers to find relevant information in their niche. Along with a well-planned composition, our team added a registration form to the footer of every page. This decision allows users to sign up instantly, regardless of which website part they are browsing — home, blog, or any other.

To create a relaxed and calming effect, we chose Spring Green and Denim Blue colors, matching the platforms’ existing logo. Our designers also incorporated dynamic animations and captivating hover effects to display financial data and charts, showing users that Catalyze has simple solutions to all their problems. Finally, we added bold typography, clean lines, and negative space to achieve a high contrast along with a sense of minimalism and elegance.


Webflow system

Right tools and technologies

We chose Webflow technology because of its crucial features for this particular project: fully integrated cloud-based CMS, built-in management system for updating content without troubles, and effective optimization to ensure the site looks great on both mobile and web devices. As a bonus, Webflow offers to export the website as static HTML, allowing its code to be transferred and hosted on any web server, in case the client needs to reimage the site’s structure in the future. Ultimately, we created a full-featured Catalyze website in a short amount of time, which was a major benefit for our client.


The outcome

Final chapter of the successful collab

Our collaboration with the client was a memorable experience filled with pleasant feelings and inspirational challenges. From conducting extensive research and creating a minimalistic design to implementing all project ideas through the Webflow builder, we completed numerous tasks to give Catalyze a colorful image and help them stand out in the competitive AI industry. Overall, our partnership with the client resulted in a fruitful website launch and a positive impact on their business.


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