Alukaze — combining wind and metal for a truly striking effect

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About the project

The client

Alukaze is a product brand that specializes in crafting custom high-quality fenestration solutions that are both soundproof and energy-efficient. European acoustic performance, Singaporean safety standards, and the design of Alukaze products together create a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. By employing these practices, the brand stands out from competitors, which makes Alukaze one of the best choices on the market.

To keep such a pace, the client entrusted us to reveal the Alukaze spirit through modern brand and design techniques. Unlike many similar companies, they aimed to get not only a commercially successful product but one with a customer-oriented approach, lightness, and progressiveness. Fortunately, our team knew how to reach all these goals, so we instantly got to conjuring a meaningful and conceptual design for Alukaze.

Services we provided:

Branding UX/UI design Webflow


2 month

Noteworthy numbers

The global market for acoustic doors & windows is constantly growing, driven by increasing population, urbanization, and construction activity worldwide. No wonder the US secondary glazing market is anticipated to reach US$ 65.7 million by the end of 2027.

A long time ago, in 2014, the Alukaze project team also joined this industry to help meet the demand for acoustic windows and doors. Even though their team consists of only 10 members, these are professionals that know everything about fenestration, providing customers with a unique aluminum system.


Years of experience


Skillful experts


Fenestration parts designed



The main challenge of this project was creating a trendy design and exclusive identity that would resonate with a broad audience and reflect Alukaze values. To stand out from other fenestration brands, the company could benefit from enhancing its identity and exploring unique solutions. Besides, the Alukaze 風 symbol was not distinguishable enough and would get lost against the background of other design elements.



To reveal Alukaze’s identity and establish a connection with the audience, we thought up a site with a minimalistic concept. Our team created a catchy logo with straight lines, bringing to mind modern and urban constructions. As a website color palette, we chose some extravagant zests — a graphite background, white font, and bright lemon accents. Our designers made such a choice to help Alukaze be better than other companies in this niche.


Branding process

Website identity

The whole idea behind this company is that it goes against all odds and takes on difficult challenges while delivering exceptional results. The company name itself — Alukaze — started reflecting its vision and philosophy, with “alu” representing aluminum, the material they mold into top-grade products, and “kaze” being Japanese for wind.

Unlike others, the client didn’t want us to create just a cool ordinary website, they needed it to be conceptual, alive, and full of various fresh ideas. In a way, the company was going against the wind, celebrating its own freedom and wanting to fully realize its vision. These two elements were to take a leading role in the development of the website identity.


Bright accents

Colors and typography

When creating the new identity, we went for an image of airiness — a tasteful combination of two colors and slim modern-looking fonts. The main Alukaze colors are fresh lemon and steadfast graphite, representing both alacrity and confidence — the traits that define the company itself. These colors can be used interchangeably, with either taking on the primary or supportive roles, depending on the context.


Spicy zests

Wordmark and symbol design

With the company’s name playing an important role in the client’s concept for the whole project, the logo we designed was also built around it. Seeing as the company manufactures custom windows, the broken lines comprising the wordmark represent modularity, modernity, and construction.

The 風 symbol, meaning “wind,” is also an essential part of the website and its corporate identity — when employed with the defined color gamma it can be used with or instead of the wordmark.

Webflow builder

Development stage

To make the user experience as pleasant as possible, our specialists chose to move forward with the Webflow platform. Its powerful tools and features ensure the website will look great on any device, while the built-in content management system makes it easy to update and manage the site’s content. Ultimately, leveraging the advanced Webflow technology helped our team to streamline the website development process and focus on delivering truly exceptional results.



Desired outcome

By putting every effort into this project, we created a modern and customer-oriented Alukaze brand identity that effectively communicated the company’s values and unique offerings. Our team developed a distinctive and minimalistic concept, including a catchy logo with straight broken lines, a bold color palette, and a sleek website that combines the elements of wind and metal.

The new web identity we made for Alukaze successfully differentiates this brand from competitors, reflecting the company’s expertise in crafting custom high-quality fenestration solutions. The project has positioned Alukaze for continued growth and success in the global market, showing its craving for mental freedom, even if there is a need to go through the strongest wind.


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