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Front-end development and UX/UI design for green electric scooter rental website

The top player in the French transportation market owing to the power of vehicle-generated open data.

LinkByCar is a SaaS startup that created a tool to collect, process, and aggregate data from vehicles. With the use of AI technology, it can predict the behavior of any vehicle — all to ensure you safely get to your destination.

The company cooperates with popular car manufacturers, including Stellantis, Mercedes, and BMW. With an extensive network already in a place, they have serious potential to expand across all of Europe.

Experience the joy of emission-free travel with an e-scooter rental for a greener tomorrow

Felyx is an Amsterdam-based rental platform where users can download an application to conveniently locate and rent electric scooters. The service aims to facilitate faster and easier urban transportation.

All by enabling people to rent e-scooters straight through their smartphones. The use of felyx devices not only allows for smooth traveling but also promotes a more sustainable urban environment.

Transportation & Logistics
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Web development
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UX/UI design
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4 months
  • 48,000+
    vehicles LinkByCar gathers data from
  • 75+
    types of data collected by vehicles
  • 18
    car brands they collaborate with
  • $90M+
    felyx’s annual revenue
  • 7.5%
    CR increase with our services

Insurance company managers and automotive corporations typically face challenges with complex software. That’s why the process of collecting data from vehicles can be a bit of a headache.

Real-time vehicle tracking, predicting potential problems, and accident reconstruction — all of these had to be considered in the product design. A perfect software offers everything in one place, simplifying things for those who aren’t fluent in the language of technology.


Navigating congested streets and finding eco-friendly transportation options can be a major headache for city dwellers in bustling urban landscapes.

That's where, amid the roar of engines and the rush of daily life, felyx stands as the solution to a growing demand for convenient, green travel — transforming the journey into an eco-ride.

It was a fully fresh perspective in every sense.

The research showed that competitors’ websites somewhat lagged behind the latest trends, which didn’t align with the technological and innovative nature of this business.

Hence, we aimed to convey the client’s digital orientation through a practical and rigorous branding approach, complemented by bright accents.

15 logo sketches
2 days spent on research
  1. Discovery. A user comes across a link or post in Discord.
  2. Saving to profile. The user can save these links/posts to their profile.
  3. Organizing content. They can create new collections or use existing ones to organize these links or posts.
  4. Easy retrieval. Later on, users easily find a specific link or post, either through a search, within a specific collection, or in their profile.
  5. Sharing. If they want to, users can share links, posts, or collections with others.
  6. Collaboration and discussion. Everyone can engage in discussions about what’s shared and even add new links to collections if they have access.
For a brand to speak with one voice, it needs a brand book to set the tone.

Setting the stage for a successful project

The main source of user engagement on the platform comes from its mobile website. Given this insight, our research process prioritized the development of mobile-friendly pages first before adapting them for desktop use.

This strategy deviates from the conventional approach, which usually focuses on desktop design before considering mobile compatibility. We adopted this method to ensure that the mobile experience is especially remarkable.

5 days spent on research
6 concept ideas
Our plan was to create 14 unique page templates in line with the client’s brand and minimalist mobile app style.

Minimalistic and clear interface

To improve UX, the client’s in-house team restructured and refined the page layout and content. Halo Lab’s experts established a fresh and minimalist aesthetic to connect with the youthful and eco-conscious felyx audience.

For this, our team of designers created a comprehensive UI Kit based on their brand guidelines and worked out various design solutions, including a movement concept, animations, and a dark backdrop mode

5 competitors evaluated from every angle
38 days for mobile and desktop design
One key element of our approach was the metaphor of a road, which we used to strengthen the website's distinctiveness and visual identity.

Tech analysis in preparation for the development

During the research, our team identified the best technologies to bring all ideas to life. These included Sanity CMS and tools like Next.js, React.js, Framer Motion, Redux, Formik, Radix UI, and Swiper.

As per the client’s request, we also migrated CookieBot and Google Analytics from the old website. This allowed them to centralize website management efforts and simplify their toolset.

5 days for research
9 key technologies used
The goal was to develop a fast mobile-first, multilingual (NL, EN, DE, FR) website consisting of 11 distinct templates.

Simplifying website management and data collection

We integrated Cookiebot, a flexible tool offering customizable user consent banners that our client can adjust without developer intervention. For form submissions, especially for customer inquiries and issues, our team utilized Zendesk.

This was the service previously used by felyx, to ensure prompt support team responses. Additionally,  Halo Lab developers employed the Mailchimp system, allowing for pre-designed mailings and relevant statistics tracking.

10 days for research
1 month for integration
By integrating third-party technologies, we boosted our capabilities, streamlined workflows, and opened new growth and innovation opportunities.

Navigating complexity in animation development

Animation creation was challenging due to its intricate design and functionality. Our team invested significant effort into crafting animations that captivated users visually and smoothly integrated into the responsive website layout.

Additionally, ensuring that these animations could dynamically pull data from the admin panel added another layer of complexity, demanding careful planning and implementation to achieve the desired outcome.

4 days for research
3 third-party services
We tested, fixed, and tried a lot, conducting additional technical research — all to guarantee the project’s highest quality and functionality.

Bug-free functionality to boost user satisfaction

Our team tested the functionality of each element, found and fixed a number of bugs on various devices, increasing the interaction satisfaction from users and thus improving conversion rates.

Halo Lab specialists ensured product quality and informed stakeholders by conducting testing and addressing technical limitations, risk factors, and unclear requirements throughout the development process.

Smooth transition from development to deployment

Once the functionality was fully developed, tested, and approved by the client, we seamlessly redirected the domain from their old website to the new one. Our team opted for Vercel as the project’s hosting service, a reliable platform we’ve used for several projects.

Vercel offers excellent compatibility with Next.js and supports Sanity CMS integration, making deployment hassle-free. It also syncs effortlessly with  , allowing us to update the code with a single command, getting the client’s website ready for live usage.

We made sure the website was fast, accessible, and catchy for users to download the app and enjoy felyx’s service.

Customization, training, and ongoing support

The admin panel was highly flexible and full of features, allowing us to customize the site from the ground up. To help the client easily get used to it, we prepared instructions, recorded video tutorials, and provided direct assistance.

In addition, to ensure everything works as intended, our team provided the client with 40 days of post-release support, fixing bugs and making sure felyx’s website didn’t suffer from any hiccups or interruptions.

Despite the project’s vast scope and strict deadlines, transparent communication with the client helped us handle all development and design nuances.
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Their approach to design, development, and project management was impeccable. They delivered outstanding performance and innovative ideas that exceeded our expectations. The new website scored above 95 points on the PageSpeed insights test. Our conversion rate increased well above 7.5%. Our website's look and feel reflect our brand and its values.

Halo Lab provided brand analysis services that helped us with better understanding our market type, niche, customers, and competitors. They designed our whole SaaS platform, leveraging both UI and UX expertise. Furthermore, they used React to help us build a customer-facing dashboard that connects to our existing backends.

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Our clients say

The site developed by Halo Lab projected a very premium experience, successfully delivering the client’s messaging to customers. Despite external challenges, the team’s performance was exceptional.
Aaron Nwabuoku avatar
Aaron Nwabuoku
Founder, ChatKitty
Thanks to Halo Lab's work, the client scored 95 points on the PageSpeed insights test and increased their CR by 7.5%. They frequently communicated via Slack and Google Meet, ensuring an effective workflow.
Viktor Rovkach avatar
Viktor Rovkach
Brand Manager at felyx
The client is thrilled with the new site and excited to deploy it soon. Halo Lab manages tasks well and communicates regularly to ensure both sides are always on the same page and all of the client’s needs are addressed promptly.
Rahil Sachak Patwa avatar
Rahil Sachak Patwa
Founder, TutorChase

Logo creation


A truly iconic logo is a trail of drafts

We explored different sketches during the design process. Initially, our designers considered wordmarks that convey a sense of technology, innovation, or modernity. We also experimented with minimalist symbols to accompany the wordmark. Ultimately, our team chose a wordmark featuring the infinity symbol and a symbol formed from C and A, creating an infinity loop.


A truly iconic logo is a trail of drafts

We explored different sketches during the design process. Initially, our designers considered wordmarks that convey a sense of technology, innovation, or modernity. We also experimented with minimalist symbols to accompany the wordmark. Ultimately, our team chose a wordmark featuring the infinity symbol and a symbol formed from C and A, creating an infinity loop.

Being a data scientist, our client had written Python code to perform mathematical calculations. So, one of our key goals was to leverage the right technologies to correctly integrate this code into the platform.

Logo creation

Dynamic concepts with a sense of innovation

Concept 1


The concept shows an animation with block elements evolving into a close-up of a phone with the app. As users scroll, the phone glides over a virtual “road,” revealing app features. Finally, the phone appears to land in the user’s hand, inviting a download.

Concept 2


This one begins with a playful bouncing logo, transitioning to a gradient and a photo shape echoing the logo for visual appeal. It ends with two phones displaying the app interface, including smooth transitions and a flat design, with menu paths as roads for thematic consistency.

Concept 3


This concept uses curved line animations, symbolizing roads to guide users through the app. It starts with a calligraphic frame and a roadmap, followed by a playful, game-like button. The second screen shows a prominent CTA for download, maintaining the road motif throughout.

Concept 4


The concept highlights the app's features with playful stickers and text. As users scroll, the background shifts to the company's green hue with path-like dashed lines. The full width of the mobile appl is then revealed, accompanied by fly-out bars showcasing its functionality.

Concept 5


Here, a line with a dot, mimicking a map, guides users through the design, fostering intuitive navigation. Plus, the slanted elements incorporated throughout the layout imbue a sense of dynamism, mirroring the energetic nature of the app and adding a modern visual appeal.

Concept 6

Free, simple, fun

For this concept, stickers and images were employed to capture Generation Z's spirit — freedom, simplicity, and fun — adding vibrancy and breaking up text. These elements enhance descriptions of the app’s benefits, boosting engagement and reinforcing the app's value proposition.

Logo creation

Optimal technologies to realize our technical vision

CMS Sanity

Considering client’s goals, we chose Sanity CMS with a custom starter to enhance simplicity and functionality, facilitating easy content integration and page additions. Our team also implemented multilingual support and a template for creating additional pages efficiently.


We chose GROQ for data fetching, as it streamlined server interactions and sped up development. GROQ simplified modifications without constant schema updates and enabled client-side queries for only essential data, eliminating the need for a traditional separate backend.

Next.js & React.js

The choice between Next.js and React.js was based on the client’s needs. We picked Next.js due to its server-side rendering and enhanced search engine visibility. React.js was considered for its ability to simplify the development of complex and dynamic user interfaces.

Framer Motion

Our developers selected Framer Motion for its efficiency and precision in handling complex animations. This library provided extensive functionality for creating dynamic and interactive elements, allowing us to smoothly incorporate animations into the overall landscape.


We incorporated Redux into the felyx project to create a centralized data store, enabling cohesive data sharing and interaction across components. This approach simplifies debugging and testing and provides a structured environment with predictable and manageable data flow.


We chose Formik to streamline form building in React, enabling our developers to create more interactive and user-friendly interfaces. This library helped create functional and resilient forms, reducing errors and improving the efficiency of data collection.

Radix UI & Swiper

We utilized Radix UI and Swiper to manage intricate UI components like accordions, sliders, sidebars, and modal windows, streamlining our workflow. These libraries facilitated the development of complex elements and interactions essential for crafting a mobile-responsive design.

Logo creation

Feature-rich solution that exceeds expectations


We integrated Cookiebot to provide customizable, pre-made options for website compliance. Clients can modify banner text, reducing the need for developer input. Cookiebot also supports data privacy compliance by enabling user control over cookie preferences.


We chose Zendesk to manage the website's high volume of form submissions, enabling users to report transportation issues or ask questions. This integration allowed the support team to quickly address inquiries, improving communication and efficiency.


The service enables email campaign preparation, scheduling, and sending of diverse newsletters. Mailchimp also offers statistics tracking, allowing the project team to monitor the performance of email campaigns and optimize future communications for better engagement and results.