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The client

Project info

Window is an efficient online shopping assistant that scans apparel websites and returns a curated selection based on the user’s size, style, budget, and other customized filters. By creating a machine learning profile with this information, the Window search engine can automatically find the perfect clothes for every person, saving their time, money, and energy. The goal of this project is to make shopping fast and fun again for each wallet size and body shape.

Services we provided:

Branding UX/UI design Webflow


3 month

Market specifics

The e-commerce market has grown significantly over the past decade, with more and more consumers turning to Internet services. It is no surprise online shopping emerged as a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar offline stores, notorious for their long queues and haunting sales assistants. As a result, the e-commerce industry has amassed an astonishing number of customers and funds.


US E-commerce Apparel TAM


Projected 2024US E-commerce Apparel TAM


US Apparel TAM


Client’s results

By creating an efficient and innovative search engine, our client also contributes to the total revenue of the online shopping industry. Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Window provides personalized recommendations, ensuring that customers quickly find trendy and comfortable clothes. This explains why people all over the world choose Window, while investors consistently support its small but super professional team.


Long-time & dedicated investors


Skillful e-commerce software experts


Women-Led Commerce Technology


One of the main pain points with the existing landing page was the lack of individuality. Our client wanted their business to be more soulful and exclusive to stay with customers on the same wave and engage them to actively use the Window search engine. To achieve these goals, the project needed a complete digital renovation: a trendy and memorable logo, proper branding solutions, and a landing page redesign.



We could hardly wait to start working on this project, as challenges for the Halo Lab team are like waterdrops for flowers. Having checked the project’s pain points, our experts initiated deep research. With the gathered data and the client’s approval, we created a unique brand icon, built a user-friendly landing page, and mixed classic colors with bright accents. These elements aimed to expand Window’s visibility among other fashion search engines.


Project backdrop

Competitor analysis

Our client had many ideas for renovating their landing page, but they decided to seek professional Halo Lab assistance and bring their vision to life quickly and efficiently. To achieve set goals and establish a positive Window image, we began our journey by scrutinizing the company’s specifics and delving deep into competitor research.

Through a broad assessment of comparable projects, our experts understood how to create a recognizable brand for the client. We noticed that many competitors lacked attention to design and blended too many styles, which looked a bit chaotic. Having identified these shortcomings, our team devised a concept for Window in a unique manner. We developed a structured font system and a specific color palette that highlights the company’s vibe, attracts new customers, and appears neat and organized.


In-depth identity

Time-saving WWW concept

At this stage, our team decided to depart from the traditional method of gathering and arranging ideas, goals, and expectations. Instead of the “typical” mood board, we crafted a WWW concept that tells the Window’s story differently, conveying its primary goal — fast, fun, efficient, and stress-free shopping for everyone.

If you have searched for clothes online at least once, you know how endless the process of jumping from one “www…” to another can be. But Window believes that shopping should bring you joy, not dullness. Thus, the primary idea of the WWW concept was playing with one of the strongest marketing ploys — time-saving products and services. You see, modern people, whether they are engineers or housewives, are conscious about time management, so they delegate clothes searches to shopping engines, saving time for more pleasant activities.


Branding & design

Color mixing

To kick-start the identity rebranding, our team prioritized developing a cool logo and icon that customers could easily recognize and associate with the Window search engine. For this purpose, we established brand awareness by combining an elegant classic palette of white, black, and gray colors with an accent Jazzberry Jam as icing on the cake.

The client was thrilled with this selection of colors, so our designers maneuvered them through the entire landing page, creating a cohesive look and feel. We used such a consistent design to ensure that the particular brand tone remained easy-going, approachable, and captivating.


Window’s logo

Aesthetic icon

To give the brand icon a more relaxed and casual appearance, our designers capitalized all the letters in the “WINDOW” logo and removed the dot above the “i”. This change made it appear more natural, minimalistic, and friendly. Additionally, to create a sense of movement and associate the logo with a true address bar, we incorporated the original concept of the WWW and added a blinking line. To tie everything together, we colored it with the same Jazzberry Jam as a touch of playfulness and creativity


WWW wordmark

Trendy typography

Keeping in mind the approved WWW concept, we considered the client’s request for wordmark fonts such as Orpheus, Playfair Display, and Lancelot. However, because of their complex structures and serifs, we deemed them unsuitable for the design. So our team discussed this issue with the client and decided to move forward with a more minimalistic font that would better fit the concept.

At this stage, we aimed to create a visual connection between the “www” letters of the classic website address bar and the Window’s logo. To achieve this, our designers incorporated a simple visual image of a browser window into the wordmark, which helped associate the brand with online shopping. Overall, these efforts resulted in the colorful wordmark & icon solutions that perfectly represented the Window brand while staying true to the selected WWW concept.


Promo landing page

Besides a remarkable color palette, logo, and wordmark, the client’s primary aim was to create a landing page that would attract new customers and encourage them to use the Window fashion search engine. To accomplish these tasks, we chose Webflow technology which offers a range of advanced features. The main factor that made it the best choice for Window was the diversity of customizable templates, allowing us to create a product perfectly aligned with the client’s vision.

To establish a landing page that looked and worked great across all devices, we took advantage of the platform’s ability to design and prototype various elements. Additionally, Webflow enabled us to develop a highly customizable product with a convenient and easily manageable registration form. As a result, the new landing page not only exceeded the client's expectations but also had a positive impact on their online presence.



Successful outcome

Our team’s efforts to establish a unique identity for Window have resulted in a successful rebranding of the platform. We presented the elegant brand icon and the wordmark, both easily recognizable and associated with the product. Our developers cleverly utilized Webflow technology to create a trendy landing page and convenient registration form that works great on both web and mobile devices. Last but not least, we selected an elegant color scheme with a unique Jazzberry Jam accent to help the Window shopping assistant capture even more customers’ hearts.


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