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About the project

The client

We-go is a unique wellness center for mothers and infants located in the heart of Asia. By combining traditional and cutting-edge technologies, it provides new mothers and their babies with vitamin-rich food, post-pregnancy procedures, and special care. The treatment is carried out under constant medical supervision and in luxury conditions to help mothers and infants recover after physical and emotional stress.

To popularize their services worldwide, the client appointed us to develop a comfortable website that reflects the We-go center’s vision. They highlighted a need to make it not only easy to use but also elegant and calm to create a sense of relaxation and unity with nature. Our goal was to meet this target, paying attention to the client’s requirements, utilizing efficient development tools, and incorporating trendy design solutions.

Services we provided:

Front-end development Back-end development Web design


4 month

Market specifics

According to the data, the global healthcare providers sector had total revenues of $9,423.9 billion in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% between 2017 and 2021. It’s expected to positively impact the growth of the postpartum product market.

$9,424 BN+

Global healthcare revenue in 2021

$2,22 BN+

Global postpartum revenue in 2021


Client’s results

The We-go treatment center also contributed to the global healthcare industry by giving mothers and babies a chance to recover from stressful birth and providing center guests with delicious food, clean rooms, professional treatment, and pleasant SPA procedures. It is no wonder that mothers from all over the world admire We-go and leave only positive feedback for their services.


Star rating on Google Feedback


Positive reviews from guests


The biggest challenges of this project were simplifying content management and enhancing brand image while considering the specifics of the Chinese language. The client entrusted us to accomplish these tasks ASAP as they didn’t want to lose potential customers. In addition, the client wanted to make the communication between them and We-go’s audience easier to increase income and collect feedback.



The Halo Lab team achieved all project goals through effective development and design solutions. Firstly, we managed to simplify the process of room booking and feedback collecting by creating convenient communication forms. Secondly, our team highlighted the We-go brand identity with simple and calm visual details. Finally, by considering the specifics of the Chinese language, we successfully transferred the client’s content from the old site to the new one



Business context

Considering technological advancements and market competition, the client needed to enhance their business to remain competitive. The company’s goals could be described as follows:

  • Attracting new customers and getting an edge over competitors through efficient development techniques and modern design solutions.

  • Optimizing content management to improve SEO and keep the content interesting, relevant, and up-to-date.

  • Staying current with the latest design trends and Eastern cultural values (harmony, symmetry, simplicity, etc.) to improve the overall image and perception of the brand.


Product scope

  • Developing a convenient admin panel to simplify site content management (including dynamic content in blog pages, testimonials, sliders, galleries, menus, etc.).

  • Improving website speed and customizing each page for SEO promotion to increase the quantity and quality of traffic.

  • Developing various types of feedback forms to help the client enhance their customer service through effective data collection.

  • Designing an adaptive layout for all devices to provide a pleasant user experience and attract the target audience.

  • Upgrading the website blog by adding useful functionality, such as pagination and filtering by category.

  • Creating a non-distracting visual animation for the main page that works well on various devices and highlights important sections of the site.


Starting point

Business research

To create a trendy and comfy website, we gathered detailed and in-depth information from numerous sources, including the client’s brief and brand book. Having analyzed them, we started looking for further information about such centers, gradually getting to the core of the matter. In addition to professional care for mothers and children, We-go has a variety of services, which made this project exclusive (medical care, catering, massages, etc.).
Therefore, we had to include information about hotels, restaurants, and SPA centers in the study to build a website with specific features and functionality.



Tools and technologies

Considering various requirements, research results, and tight deadlines, our developers faced some specific challenges. After all, such a large project needs an exceptional approach, attention to minor details, and proper development technologies. That’s why we took the selection of tools very seriously to develop an effective and catchy website for our client.



CMS Prismic

One of the main goals of our client was to conveniently interact with the content on each page and encourage visitors to stay on the site longer. To accomplish this task, our developers chose the proven and convenient CMS Prismic that offers fast and easy content management and optimization.

Prismic enables flexible and scalable content management for modern web development. The main advantage of this tool is the built-in version control that allows users to easily track content changes and roll back to previous versions if needed. Thanks to the simple admin panel that we set up with this technology, the client can now easily edit all the content on the site.



Next.js and React.js

Having decided on the perfect CMS for the project, we needed to choose the proper framework. Considering the specific requirements and goals of our client, Next.js and React.js were the best choice in this case. Next.js allows using cool features like automatic code splitting, optimized performance, and simple client-side navigation out-of-the-box. React.js, in its turn, simplifies the process of building complex and dynamic user interfaces.


Data collection

Feedback forms

The ability to reach a new audience highly depends on effective communication. To create accessible contact forms for We-go customers, we used the Nodemailer module that can accept input from users, send the data to the server for processing, and store it in a database. This allows companies to collect valuable information about their customers.

We created 4 convenient and user-friendly forms of communication:

  • Email form for direct communication with customers who want to book a hotel.

  • Three booking forms with special offers placed in a modal window.

  • Support form with a step-by-step guide on filing the three previously mentioned booking forms.

  • Question form where everyone can ask any question and find out more about the company.



UI/UX challenges

In addition to the text content, pictures, colors, and fonts can also be powerful tools for conveying the mood and message of the project. That is why our designers chose good-looking and “useful” visual elements to guide the visitor’s eye to the critical parts of the website. Here, our main challenge was creating a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring that the website loads quickly and efficiently.



“Warm” and “cold” ideas

As the client shared their ideas for the We-go concept, we knew in which direction to go. So, we took the initiative and started submitting our suggestions, gradually getting the whole picture to distinguish the We-go brand from others.

We devised two concepts for the site. Due to the client’s desire to maintain an eco-style, the first concept was to make a “warm” design using beige, olive, and green colors with little red accents. Such a color palette evokes feelings of harmony with nature, which suits the mood of We-go. The second concept was relaxing “cold” and consisted of blue and lilac-gray colors with the same accent of red, bringing to mind feelings of peace, relief, and calmness.


Design details

Fancy visual part

The client decided to move on with the “warm” concept, which they considered more suitable for the website, so we started adding the details. By carefully selecting design elements to convey the desired mood of the We-go company, our team:

  • Used photos depicting plants and spa procedures, adhering to the principles of eco-style

  • Placed pictures in ellipses and arches with smooth-flowing lines

  • Created both aesthetically pleasing and non-distracting animation.

  • Picked up an elegant serif font for the Chinese language.



Ideas implementation

While working on this project, we accomplished thousands of tasks and brought many valuable development and design features to life. Paying particular attention to the client’s needs, our team created a blog section with pagination and filtering by categories, set up an adaptive layout for all kinds of devices, and found proper solutions for website optimization. As a result, every page of the site looks great on both desktop and mobile versions.

Additionally, we recorded detailed instructions for the client on how to use Prismic so that they could manage, change, and enhance any website content on their own. Having ensured the website was convenient and easy to use, our team took care of a visual part of the site. To achieve the best outcome, we presented We-go through a unique concept of harmony and balance, adding minimalistic and eco-styled elements to the interface.



Our marvelous results

Thanks to the hard work of our team, the client can now quickly manage and modify website content without spending too much time on it. They can also communicate with customers and receive feedback about the services through convenient forms, which was one of their pain points. Last but not least, We-go stays current with the newest design trends and has a catchy and unique brand identity.

Giving it 100%, we did our best to provide the client with an easy-to-use website and fascinate their customers with the warm colors, cute animations, and associations of love & care that We-go evokes. That is why we can proudly say that our team did a great job meeting the needs and preferences of our client and their target audience.


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