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About the project

The client

QuirkChat is a collaboration platform for millions of geeks all over the world. It was founded in 2017, with the main office in Durham, North California. QuirkChat is perfect for finding YOUR people — with similar interests, tastes, and worldviews. Here, you can be yourself and create your own fandom, regardless of skin color, gender, or religion. QuirkChat is open to every passionate geek and hobbyist who wants to have some fun building a quirky and cozy social network.


Services we provided:

UX/UI design Branding


7 Month



According to Brandessence Market Research, in 2020, the anime market generated revenues of nearly 24 billion dollars, growing roughly 9 percent annually. QuirkChat also contributed to that by providing geeks all over the world with a convenient platform for communication with each other. Naturally, investors couldn’t pass up this startup and actively invested in QC development.


In the US News Companies


Monthly users since March 2019


Total Funding Amount



Project pain points

The biggest challenge of this project was to make QuirkChat stay ahead of competitors. Therefore, the client asked us to design their app as a mix of a video platform and social media while preserving the unique QC charm. Besides, they felt an urgent need to update their interface to make the app look more memorable for a new audience.

  • Video messages called “quips” weren’t intuitive to use, so users struggled to share commentary with the fandom.

  • It was hard to make and manage squads (group chats), especially in dealing with impolite users.

  • The newsfeed design was too simple, and users would lose interest in checking the latest anime trends or any other topic.



How we fixed them

The main goal of our team was to offer proper brand and design solutions. Here, we wanted each QuirkChat user to feel free and secure on the new platform, so our team paid particular attention to the client’s target audience. To assure them that QC is a safe spot for everyone, we upgraded the website structure, made a new bright visual design, and created a unique and quirky brand identity.

  • Developed convenient and noticeable quip pages to create, observe, publish, repost, and share ideas in just 2 minutes.

  • Created an easy-to-use admin panel to manage squads: assign permissions, delete users with inappropriate behavior, etc.

  • Designed a hot and eye-catchy newsfeed to attract customers and keep visitors engaged with the platform for longer.


The quirkiest feature of the Quirkchat social platform is a quip, a 15-second collaborative video response to some topics or questions. Based on this, we highlighted the idea of quip-making and simplified the process of sharing such videos on social media. This way, the company aimed to reach a target audience from Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and other platforms with potential QuirkChat users.



But capturing people’s attention isn’t enough — there should be a way to make them sign up and become new members of the QuirkChat geek gang. Therefore, our team designed cool profiles for users that will look cute and modern no matter how many photos or quips a person has. For this purpose, we needed to find some bright UI/UX solutions so each geek could find their co-thinkers through fancy profile details.



QuirkChat identity style

To reach a wide target audience, our client craved to stand apart from competitors by owning a strong and catchy brand identity. Here, we needed to nail the main platform concepts, such as self-acceptance, creative thinking, and freedom from any kind of prejudice. The Halo team was entrusted to tell QuirkChat’s unique story, not through words but colors, fonts, icons, and other wizardry tools we have in stock.

Logo Design

Catchy Q-logo

The concept of the QuirkChat logo is simple but memorable. We developed it after hours of brainstorming and research together with our client. With their approval, we moved on with the Q letter as a central logo part. Our designers took this step as the client wanted their logo to look impressive even without text.

We were choosing between medium and bold logo fonts as regular and light couldn’t convey the technicolor QuirkChat mood. Having selected the medium font size, we added some spicy details to the Q-logo — a smile and a tail. This combination was a quintessential match for the QC network platform as it’s quirky and trendy.


Color Palette

Eccentric colors

Visual elements can tell even more than words. Keeping this motto in mind, our team nailed QC’s mood through deep and emotional colors. To better reflect the brand’s personality and attract a new audience, we chose Light Lavender, Electric Violet, Amaranth Magenta, and Dahlia Yellow. Such a bright summer color palette is a perfect reflection of extraordinary QuirkChat users and their struggle for freedom of mind and spirit, along with self-love and self-acceptance.



Our quirky results

Every story has to end, but, as we know, every ending is just a new beginning, and QC is a bright proof of these words. Working on such a project is always exciting for us because most people in this industry have an inner geek. The Halo team did our best and achieved exactly what the client wanted: a bright design with cool visual details and a captivating brand identity for the QuirkChat quirky squad.


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