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About the project

The client

Mixmo is a next-gen music publishing and distribution platform that revolutionizes the industry by utilizing blockchain technology. Their core concept is to foster a community of artists and fans where everyone can listen, add, and share favorite songs. By adopting a decentralized approach to music distribution, Mixmo is setting the stage for a fresh wave of creativity and cooperation, bringing together musicians and enthusiasts in a more fulfilling and impactful way.

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Market specifics

According to Research and Markets, the global music publishing market size was valued at USD 34.53 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.7% from 2022 to 2030.

The industry is primarily driven by the increasing demand for licensed music content from digital streaming services and the rise of independent publishing. By giving songwriters and fans all over the world a chance to enjoy the best-loved tracks quickly and effortlessly, Mixmo also contributed to these global numbers.


Estimated market value in 2022


Projected growth in 2022–2030


The primary objective was to establish a brand image that positions Mixmo as a prominent player in the market. Besides, we were tasked with conveying a sense of belonging and inclusivity among songwriters, producers, and music enthusiasts. Overall, our goal was to design a unique and rebellious brand image that stood out from typical corporate entities.



To create a brand that would meet all client’s objectives, we conducted thorough research of the market and competition. After identifying the most effective solutions on the market, our team developed a comprehensive brand strategy, which primarily featured a fresh and edgy visual identity that incorporated retro and street-style elements, as requested by the client.


Game plan

Project workflow

To set Mixmo apart in the market, our team initiated a rigorous and organized process to rebrand their image. First, we conducted a detailed analysis of the client’s competitors. Based on the findings, our specialists redesigned the logo and created a comprehensive brand book. We also curated a mood board that embodied Mixmo’s retro and street-style identity. In addition, our experts introduced new colors into design solutions and ensured consistency in the brand’s messaging across various mediums, such as merchandise, posters, billboards, and social media covers.

In-depth research

Competitors’ strategies

In the highly competitive music industry, Mixmo needed to stand out and offer unique value to its users. For this purpose, our team conducted extensive research on the client’s competitors, identifying their main branding pros and cons to differentiate the platform as accurately as possible. Considering Mixmo’s bold and even rebellious spirit, we picked out the catchiest elements of similar platforms — mainly large typography and high-quality photos. At the same time, our team strived to avoid overly “official” and “classic” brand solutions, preferring free-spirited inserts and high-contrasting colors.


User persona

Target audience

By developing a “typical” Mixmo’s persona, our team created a robust brand identity that catered to the specific needs of the platform. Through extensive brainstorming, we determined that Mixmo’s ideal user is an independent artist or songwriter struggling to gain exposure for their music and generate income from their craft due to a lack of resources and support. For this person, Mixmo is not simply a want, but a necessity, as here they connect directly with their fans or beloved artists, collaborate seamlessly, and thrive in a vibrant and enriching music community.

Design concepts

Bold Y2K style

Mixmo’s revamped visual identity was designed with a Y2K-inspired style in mind. This aesthetic blends retro and urban futuristic elements, vibrant colors, and a playful design that perfectly captures the platform’s fresh and trendy take on the music industry. Our team integrated several Y2K design features into the brand book, including prominent typography, hand-drawn Tag graffiti icons, and saturated colors. The design team also incorporated retro-influenced graphics, such as geometric shapes and abstract patterns, to give Mixmo a distinct and unforgettable appearance.


Main fonts

Whyte & Dynamit

To enhance the energetic and rebellious vibe of Mixmo’s Y2K-inspired brand, we extensively utilized the Whyte bold font throughout the brand book. Its sharp edges and geometric shapes perfectly captured the platform’s sense of creativity and nonconformity, reflecting the mission to shake up the music industry. Although typically reserved for headers, our team added an extra punch to Mixmo’s look by pairing Whyte with Dynamit for the main text. This font features strong lines, curves, and thick strokes. Combined with a sharp Whyte, it helped us to build a remarkably strong personality for the platform.


Bold palette

High-contrast colors

The color scheme we developed for Mixmo was tailored to the client’s specific preferences and requirements. Considering the project’s rebellious spirit, our team opted for a blend of both deep and light hues, including White Coffee, Floral White, Booger Buster, Granite Gray, and Black, to create a memorable and eye-catching appearance. While White Coffee and Floral White imbue a sense of trendiness and sophistication into the brand, Booger Buster brings a playful and unexpected burst of color. Finally, the subtle additions of Granite Gray and Black add a layer of depth and contrast, amplifying the already impressive palette with bold and dramatic effects.



The music happened!

Our team went the extra mile striving to develop a dynamic and compelling brand identity that met the market’s demands. By conducting extensive industry research, we formulated a brand strategy that was both contemporary and fresh, blending street-style and retro influences, a high-contrast color palette, and powerful Whyte & Dynamit fonts. These elements served as the cornerstone of our comprehensive brand book, allowing us to create a distinctive and innovative identity for Mixmo.


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