TOP 20 startups to watch from Web Summit Qatar 2024

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29 Feb
15 Feb

We are standing at the doorstep of the future, where startups are crafting what comes next. With bold visions and innovative tech, they’re not just dreaming big — they’re making big happen. Modern solutions are shaping our world, and we can’t help but keep up with the latest developments.

The Web Summit is where tomorrow’s tech stars shine brightest today. It’s a gathering of innovative minds and groundbreaking startups, all sharing one stage. In February 2024, a new event will collect ideas that meet opportunities and change our lives. Among the many hopefuls, we’ve spotlighted the top 20 startups that stand out for their creativity and potential.

Brightest minds to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible

Healthcare and wellness

In the quest for better health, three startups are leading the revolution. Imagine tackling sleep problems without meds, getting personalized vitamins delivered to your door, and diagnosing health issues with the help of AI. Welcome to the future of feeling good!


Re-Sleep is redefining the way we approach sleep health. Recognizing the critical role of sleep in overall well-being, this startup offers a digital solution designed to improve sleep quality without reaching for the medicine cabinet. Through a blend of cognitive behavioral therapy and personalized guidance, Re-Sleep aims to tackle various sleep disorders, making restful nights more accessible to everyone.


Feel is on a mission to revolutionize the world of dietary supplements. Eschewing the one-size-fits-all approach, Feel develops multivitamins and wellness products with a focus on natural, bioavailable ingredients. Their subscription service simplifies the process of staying healthy and ensures that customers receive a tailored supplement regimen.

Rhazes AI

Rhazes AI offers AI-driven tools that assist healthcare professionals. This startup paves the way for faster, more reliable medical assessments without annoying paperwork. Their technology represents a significant step forward in the quest for better healthcare outcomes, proving that the future of medicine is high-tech, more accessible, and precise.

Innovations in healthcare set new standards for wellness

Logistics & transportation

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the logistics and transportation sector is undergoing a revolutionary shift. Cutting-edge ideas are at the forefront, so let’s explore some of the startups that redefine the wheels of commerce and mobility.


Forwardie platform aimed to simplify transportation management through a robust network of sub-carriers and a team of logistics experts. Users gain access to all information about shipments in a click, benefiting from a vast logistics network with thousands of trucks, express minivan deliveries, and specialized maritime freight services. The platform also features real-time tracking, which makes users feel confident in the safe delivery of goods.


Jalebi introduces a transformative approach to restaurant logistics with its “Inventory-First” Restaurant Operating System. They offer a suite of tools to streamline the operational complexities of restaurants, from inventory management to cost control. Jalebi’s platform integrates supply management, universal menu updates, smarter inventory tracking, and insightful reporting — all aimed at reducing waste and improving margins.

Startups revolutionize how the world connects and moves

Fintech & financial services

Startups worldwide are challenging traditional banking and investment industries, offering solutions that promise more accessibility and control over our financial lives. Among the many startups, we want to point out two ideas that stand out for the unique approach to reshaping financial services.

Fintech startups are doing more than offering new financial products. They’re building the foundation for a more inclusive financial ecosystem.


Twig startup designed to help individuals achieve dreams without compromising their lifestyles. With a focus on automated savings and the cultivation of healthy financial habits, this platform aims to provide a foundation for a more comfortable life. It offers the necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise to keep financial freedom and savvy budgeting accessible to everyone. This startup has the potential to set a new standard in financial well-being, so it’s worth keeping an eye on how it goes.


Baraka allows users to make strategic investment decisions in U.S. stocks and ETFs. Offering a comprehensive suite of products, advanced tools, and real-time market insights, Baraka enables investors to match wealth-building methods with financial goals and values. This startup places control in the hands of its users, giving them the knowledge and resources for successful investment.

New projects make the financial experience accessible and controlled


In 2023 multiple EdTech startups aimed to shape the future of education. And guess what? This shift continues to pick up steam, with new projects emerging at a steady rate. Among the innovators, three startups stand out for their forward-thinking approaches to education.

Transformers Academy

Transformers Academy offers AI-based education to envision a world where lifelong learning is an integral part of every employee’s journey, regardless of the organization’s size or industry. Their program includes seasonal internships in areas like UX/UI design, development, and marketing. This platform aimed to equip interns with the skills and knowledge to excel and impact their fields positively, which is nothing short of great.


WeDevX is an all-in-one platform offering AI-assisted coding, micro-video lectures, and personalized mentorship sessions. It creates an environment for learners to crack interviews and secure their first tech jobs. With a focus on unlocking individuals’ full potential and an obsession with supporting learners throughout their journey, WeDevX is a go-to choice for those aiming to achieve their tech job dreams.


ADIM is a digital solution designed to make education more interactive. With its help, educators and students can co-create vibrant games and scenarios for a fun learning experience. Plus, this platform includes built-in assessment tools to help users track progress and focus on areas needing improvement, making learning personalized and effective.

The future of learning is bright, thanks to startups

E-commerce & retail

The e-commerce and retail landscapes are fueled by startups that are reimagining the shopping experience. Among the change-makers, two startups, MishiPay and ModularCX, have caught our attention for their distinctive approaches. Let’s look at what makes them stand out.


MishiPay takes the hassle out of traditional shopping with technology that allows shoppers to scan, pay, and go using just their smartphones. By eliminating the need to queue at checkouts, MishiPay offers a smooth in-store shopping experience that saves time and enhances customer satisfaction. Shoppers can simply scan the barcode of items with their phones, pay using a variety of methods, and leave the store without waiting in line.


ModularCX transforms the way users engage with their favorite brands through visually appealing 3D technology. Brands can organize and access thousands of 3D assets, craft custom 3D configurators, and design 3D e-commerce websites. This platform converts product qualities into impactful virtual experiences, which is a great innovation that elevates customer interactions to new heights.

Startups lead the charge in reimagining shopping experiences

AI & machine learning

As artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping every industry, a new wave of startups pop up. With the opportunities these technologies offer, different companies solve complex problems and create new experiences. Here, we gathered some startups that are making significant strides in their respective fields.

Startups craft the future with the help of AI, turning advanced technologies into practical solutions for everyday problems.

Conix AI

Conix AI is transforming the architecture industry with its AI design platform. It enables architects to create residential villa designs from zoning to complete BIM models in minutes. Conix AI empowers architects and real estate developers with AI-powered tools to visualize designs with precision, offering customized plans tailored to unique project needs.


Gabriel is keen to make streets, neighborhoods, and cities smarter and safer through technology. Their mission covers indoor and outdoor security solutions by using modern cameras with humans and AI to analyze incidents and assist law enforcement. This startup focuses on improving urban security, connecting condominiums to their 24-hour central, and adapting easily to different environments for protection which is incredibly reassuring.

Spreed AI

Spreed AI platform specializes in data analysis and video editing strategies to create viral short videos. By using advanced machine learning algorithms, Spreed ensures that each video has the highest potential for engagement and success across various platforms. The process includes analyzing video quality, reviewing content created by AI, and assessing virilization chances before making the file available for posting.

With AI, startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible

HR & recruitment

Some of the startups change the way companies manage, engage, and support their workforce. They demonstrate how technology can be used to improve the workplace from the ground up, and we’re going to take a look at two of them.


PeoplePlus is designed to boost organizational processes and improve team management. With a focus on usability, it provides HR departments with the tools they need to stay ahead and keep the staff in good shape. Also, it offers employees self-service options for personal information management and fosters a collaborative environment through its built-in communication features.

Day One

Day One is focused on ensuring a perfect match between job seekers and the roles that require their specific skills. Their platform allows companies to specify the expertise and personal attributes that are truly relevant to the role and the organization’s culture. This way, it becomes easier for individuals to find roles where they can truly excel and for companies to match with the right talent.

Innovative HR and recruitment startups reshape workforce management


SaaS solutions transform industries with software solutions that drive growth, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences. We highlighted three startups that showcase the power and potential of cloud technology in reshaping business landscapes.

By harnessing the potential of cloud technology, SaaS startups enable businesses to lead the digital landscape.


Blanc Fashion connects brands and buyers on a global scale. It offers an intuitive interface to showcase a brand’s creativity to retailers around the world. Buyers, on the other hand, can discover emerging brands, access the information they need, and make purchases online. All in all, this is a management solution that supports business expansion and digital wholesale enterprise.


Brainr redefines production with a complete overview of factory operations from inbound logistics to manufacturing, warehouse management, and dispatch. This way, Brainr ensures that everything is visible and manageable in real time. Built with mobile users in mind, it delivers a tailored experience for every factory staff member, from operators to managers.


EasySignage allows users to design, schedule, and distribute content across any screen to deliver messages with impact. Created with simplicity in mind, this platform enables quick setup for immediate production of content. It stands out by offering a wide range of apps and integrations, making it a versatile choice for businesses seeking a digital signage solution.

Through the power of SaaS, startups reshape how businesses operate

A call for innovators

We’re continually inspired by the creativity and ingenuity that fuel the tech industry, making it impossible for us to stand on the sidelines. If you’re on the brink of bringing a meaningful startup to life and have a vision for its realization, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we can forge something truly innovative, ushering in positive changes and setting new benchmarks in the industry. Let’s collaborate to transform your ideas into breakthroughs that resonate far and wide in industry-shaping innovation.

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