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29 Feb
6 Nov

Redesign — it’s interesting, especially if before was a good website and you understand what elements of design should be emphasized to make it work better with the target audience.

In this particular case, we have focused on custom illustrations. They are ideal for describing a complex telecommunication process through graphics and visual content. The main issue was in choosing the proper style of illustration: not playful, but informative, yet not boring.

All you need to know


The 46 labs — is a software development firm. It provides with modern software and tooling for the telecommunication industry. The 46 labs enables to enhance the qualitative level of the voice management network, with use of machine learning and automation.


The Halo Lab had to redesign the previous version of the company’s website, introduce its products to the market and give the users the general idea about how they are constructed. Also, it was important to a client that users could find all information on the one page.


We were approached to turn on the whole of our creativity and present a well-done product. The key was simplicity in everything: UI, content, animation and so on. We sought to emphasize simplicity, cleanliness and put a secondary value on the issue of how the products are constructed. Our team paid special attention to the formation of the company’s branding through the use of a logo pattern in the website redesign.

The workflow

The organization’s logo is unusual, all these smooth lines and broken patterns have led us to brand design elements. This was the starting point.

Once the product’s structure, layout, color scheme and typography became clear, we were given the final copyright. The main problem was that we couldn’t shrink it considerably and should have reworked in the most appealing way. When a user opens a product page, he or she is simply getting lost in arrays of letters. And in fact, he can’t get to the essence. So, to solve this problem, we used blocks with a fixed position at the scroll. You can check how it looks like in the Behance case.

Next was the font part, where was necessary to increase the level of readability. The Halo Lab decided to move on with Muli Regular font, and we chose Poppins Black for the headings. They do not have any serifs and are in good harmony with each other, they fit perfectly with the task.

The design was the least of the questions, our designer drew the concept quick enough. The color solution was approved, placeholders were placed and it allowed us to start working with illustrations and icons.

The first thing out team did was focusing on the style of the illustrations and their informativeness. As we said, the specialization was telecommunications and the main task was to present a complex process as simple as possible. Infographics had to convey the purpose and objectives of the product, but not in a funny way.

Having chosen the style of graphic design and coordinated it with the customer, we proceeded to the other parts: logo, title and other elements redesign. You can read how we create illustrations in our blog, with a detailed description of the workflow and examples of sketches from this case.

That’s the balloon with the product logos.
That’s the balloon with the product logos.

The illustration art

The illustrations were a high priority. We started the sketch with the footer and hero. The illustration in hero shows the process of building communication. With the footer there was a slightly different story, we provided a choice of sketches and one of them was a sketch with men who shake hands with each other. It was this sketch that was chosen by the company, because for them this illustration made the conclusion of the deal and successful collaboration.

This illustration symbolizes successful cooperation, and the window with buttons serves as a great call to action.
This illustration symbolizes successful cooperation, and the window with buttons serves as a great call to action.

The intermediate action was the branding of products. All products are unique. Taking into account that they belong to one company, the issue of branding and logo formation has become more acute. The idea is to convey the uniqueness of the company and to separate each product from another one in its ecosystem.

Product logos
Product logos

Moving forward to the developing a news page and a team page. As the team creates a cool product and is already well known in the market, we decided to make a quality indicators screen. And show in a funny illustration the workflow, and below create a page with photos of employees and their positions. On a psychological level, it should create the atmosphere of the company’s proximity to their target audience.

The team decided to represent the illustration for the product page in the form of a balloon. It symbolizes lightness and certain content in the form of a logo with products. We decided to mark the company’s products on the balloon, using a certain pattern on the balloon basket. The customer considered that this was not the best solution, as this pattern distracted attention from the icons with the company’s products and so, w replaced it with a monochrome shade. Then the audience did not have the problem of distracted attention.

Each product element has its own color scheme. It is also used in icons.
Each product element has its own color scheme. It is also used in icons.

The next step was the support page and icon creation. Initially black and white, and then supplemented with colors, the customer liked the icons. The custom pack with icons, with its unique color scheme, conveys the advantages of each product. At the same time, it combines style and thus separates each icon from the other.

The outcome of this redesign

The Halo Lab had plenty of opportunities to create a fast design that would perform its function and be based on stock illustrations. But would it lead to the needed result?That’s why we decided to choose emotional design and do what “talks” to the audience through visual design, which is understandable for users and reflexes.

With the use of custom illustrations the emphasis was placed on the complex processes of the telecommunications product. This helped to make the information comprehensive, to bring the client closer to their target audience, and to make the visual part aesthetically appealing.

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The site developed by Halo Lab projected a very premium experience, successfully delivering the client’s messaging to customers. Despite external challenges, the team’s performance was exceptional.
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Thanks to Halo Lab's work, the client scored 95 points on the PageSpeed insights test and increased their CR by 7.5%. They frequently communicated via Slack and Google Meet, ensuring an effective workflow.
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