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In November 2015 Daniel Ramos, the CEO of the project, heard his friend Mike playing music on real nunchucks. Daniel was so amazed that he advised Mike to make a video and upload it on YouTube. What was next? As often happens, first Mike liked the idea, however, then he thought it was a waste of time and quit the plan. That episode became a turning point for Daniel. He came up with the idea of Uunnic, the global web analog of America’s got talents.

Pointing with a finger on uunic mockup

Reasons to change

Uunnic had an old-fashioned functional website, based on WordPress. Daniel Ramos was absolutely open for suggestions how to upgrade the website usability and style. So we took the lead and rolled in three UX directions: elaborate structure, easy navigation and responsive layout, as the Uunnic team was ambitious and would expect many thousands of users.

Website mockup

Potential of exploration

On YouTube the music related content is over 20% of all video hosting. The Uunnic team decided to follow the rules of industry. Therefore, the Explore gallery has sections for singers, musicians, dancers and performers. Also, visitors can search video by music style categories.

Designer at work

Becoming popular

In the Audition room users become judges. First, you watch a 30-second video and then estimate it with a tool which looks like an equalizer. It provides differential positive and negative rating using… SOUND. If you highly appreciate the video, wind the sound up till 5. If you dislike it, just wind the sound down. 10% of the most appreciated videos get to the ShortList where users can watch the whole video. In this chart each video has its own rate. Getting enough points video reaches the Explore gallery. Welcome to the top chart! Due to self-managing the system inspires users to be their own bosses.


Sometimes video treats you so well that you’d like to support the artist. For that reason, we came up with an idea of boosting. Boost gives extra points which help a talented person to get to the top. Apparently, it is a limited operation. The most appreciated “Video of the day” as well as “Best videos” and “Latest videos” get to the main page so for artists who got there the chance to be seen by well-known producers highly increases.

Access to the industry

Uunnic changes the way artists are discovered and developed. Users can upload videos of their shy friends putting copyrights. The number of videos you can share is not limited, however first they have to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. Fill in the send us talent form and post your friend’s videos. Just don’t forget to match the correct license type. This is the way how anyone can become a producer.

Website screenshot

Nice try

It’s not so easy to anticipate success and foresee fame. Apparently, you’ll never know the truth about your genius without any try or effort. Despite of hard working, Uunnic has been frozen. When we finished our part, the client just didn’t launch the new version of the project. It happens when stakeholders have burnt out or they just have financial problems. Nevertheless, it was a great experience for us and the customer left satisfied with our collaboration.

Getting feedback

It was a long and ambitious project during which the team at Heyllow always gave us support and advice in terms of design and user experience. The team worked very closely with us to come up with the best designs and create a simple user flow to provide the best experience when using the site. They are very good communicating and offer their advice and expertise for all small and big details. The best thing is we feel like they don’t work FOR us, they work WITH us, which makes them very valuable members of the team.

Daniel Ramos, CEO & Co-Founder of Uunnic