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The top player in the French transportation market owing to the power of vehicle-generated open data.

LinkByCar is a SaaS startup that created a tool to collect, process, and aggregate data from vehicles. With the use of AI technology, it can predict the behavior of any vehicle — all to ensure you safely get to your destination.

The company cooperates with popular car manufacturers, including Stellantis, Mercedes, and BMW. With an extensive network already in a place, they have serious potential to expand across all of Europe.

Premium tutoring platform for students who want to apply to Oxford, Harvard, and other top-ranked universities

TutorChase is a UK-based online tutoring company offering premium academic assistance. Their team consists of the world’s best teachers dedicated to helping students across various educational levels.

They cover all subjects for GCSEs, A-Levels, IB, AP, and SAT to achieve university entry. TutorChase makes exam preparation easy and provides a pathway into the UK and US’s top universities.

UX/UI design
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Web design
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Web development
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6 months
  • 48,000+
    vehicles LinkByCar gathers data from
  • 75+
    types of data collected by vehicles
  • 18
    car brands they collaborate with
  • 700+
    professional tutors to choose from
  • 1,000+
    satisfied student
  • 13
    popular subjects to study

Insurance company managers and automotive corporations typically face challenges with complex software. That’s why the process of collecting data from vehicles can be a bit of a headache.

Real-time vehicle tracking, predicting potential problems, and accident reconstruction — all of these had to be considered in the product design. A perfect software offers everything in one place, simplifying things for those who aren’t fluent in the language of technology.


A lot of students find themselves struggling to hire the right tutor. The desire to enter the university is strong, but looking for a teacher who’ll help you with this is a common headache.

What you need is a space with top-notch educators where sharing knowledge is the name of the game. So, learning must be effective and engaging, pushing you towards goals and beyond. That’s the dream, isn’t it?

It was a fully fresh perspective in every sense.

The research showed that competitors’ websites somewhat lagged behind the latest trends, which didn’t align with the technological and innovative nature of this business.

Hence, we aimed to convey the client’s digital orientation through a practical and rigorous branding approach, complemented by bright accents.

15 logo sketches
2 days spent on research
  1. Discovery. A user comes across a link or post in Discord.
  2. Saving to profile. The user can save these links/posts to their profile.
  3. Organizing content. They can create new collections or use existing ones to organize these links or posts.
  4. Easy retrieval. Later on, users easily find a specific link or post, either through a search, within a specific collection, or in their profile.
  5. Sharing. If they want to, users can share links, posts, or collections with others.
  6. Collaboration and discussion. Everyone can engage in discussions about what’s shared and even add new links to collections if they have access.
For a brand to speak with one voice, it needs a brand book to set the tone.

Keep the focus on what really matters

We took a deep exploration of the existing website with one goal in mind: to make it better and more user-friendly. The main mission was all about ensuring that visitors could find what they needed easily, from browsing through guides to filling out forms without a hitch.

Our team also kept an eye on competitors. We examined not just their looks but their audience: who visits them, from where, and for how long. With statistical data — traffic and engagement metrics — we got insights into user experiences that informed every decision we made.

9 competitors examined inside out
3 days spent on research


A visionary leap in digital education through design ideas

Concept 1: Clean precision

For this concept, we leaned into a more traditional block structure, achieving a clean and disciplined look. This strategy resulted in a restrained and serious feel, yet it maintains a touch of elegance through carefully placed accents such as headlines, large numbers, and minimalist photography.

Concept 2: Fresh experimentation

We infused the design with maximum freshness through the use of vibrant, trendy colors that feel friendly and contemporary. The standout element of this concept was the right font, which underlined the project’s uniqueness. This experimental approach married boldness with innovation to convey the atmosphere of an elite platform.



Cool and easy learning with a chill vibe

To create a teen-friendly vibe, our designers added high-quality photos of students. We placed an image of a girl with a laptop to drive home the message: learning today is flexible, allowing you to study from anywhere and on any device, not just in a traditional classroom.

We also aimed for simplicity, focusing on a clean design look with a standout CTA against a white background. Next to the button, our team attached a website rating feature. This strategic decision instantly shows users they can trust and rely on this quality service.

By combining graphics with human photographs, we filled the design with life, motion, and credibility.

A fusion of tools and technologies for website efficiency

The extensive TutorChase website, with numerous subject and exam pages, required an easy-to-use management system. That’s why we focused on search navigation, making it more user-friendly and accessible to operate from the client’s side.

To identify the most effective and scalable solutions, we evaluated various options, considering factors like performance, developer experience, and future maintenance. Everything pointed to Sanity CMS and Next.js, which our team stuck with.

5 technologies used
3 weeks spent on research
Simplicity in navigation, power in performance. That’s the principle behind the integration of technologies into our workflow.

Check-in before the initial launch process

To check that the workflow is going in the right direction, we deployed MVP. The Halo Lab team launched a core feature set of a homepage, tutor page, and subject search page to get feedback from initial users.

Thanks to these efforts, we identified areas for refinement and improvement. All in all, it was a strategic move that set the stage for future enhancements based on actual user needs and preferences.

Our main focus was to keep knowledge accessible for students and make administrative hurdles a thing of the past.

Squashing bugs and double-checking fixes

The testing process began two weeks before the release and continued for a week after. We explored various scenarios, such as handling errors, incomplete information submission, and user actions contradicting the website’s logic.

While our team identified and fixed bugs, the specialist retested each to confirm the website worked smoothly. This approach improved the project’s performance and reduced risks as we thoroughly covered all potential issues.

Go live-date with no hiccups in sight

Recognizing the complexities of the website’s functionality, especially its vast databases, our team prepared rollback plans in case the release encountered technical issues.

We understood the importance of precision for the trouble-free operation of the site. Fortunately, the launch was smooth and successful, with all systems functioning flawlessly.

Halo Lab is still hands-on with TutorChase

Our collaboration with TutorChase didn’t end with the project release. After a successful launch, we’ve been actively assisting the website. Halo Lab experts checked if everything was working well and didn’t need any adjustments.

Whenever a client needs help, our team studies requests and gets to work without hesitation. Currently, we’re focused on expanding the platform’s functionality to provide more features for both users and teachers.

concept 01
concept 02
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We worked with Halo Lab to design and develop a new website for our online education company. We were very pleased with the result and have begun working with them on another software development project. They manage tasks well and regularly communicate such that we are always on the same page and all of our needs are addressed promptly. The team is also personable, professional, and innovative.

Halo Lab provided brand analysis services that helped us with better understanding our market type, niche, customers, and competitors. They designed our whole SaaS platform, leveraging both UI and UX expertise. Furthermore, they used React to help us build a customer-facing dashboard that connects to our existing backends.

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Our clients say

The site developed by Halo Lab projected a very premium experience, successfully delivering the client’s messaging to customers. Despite external challenges, the team’s performance was exceptional.
Aaron Nwabuoku avatar
Aaron Nwabuoku
Founder, ChatKitty
Thanks to Halo Lab's work, the client scored 95 points on the PageSpeed insights test and increased their CR by 7.5%. They frequently communicated via Slack and Google Meet, ensuring an effective workflow.
Viktor Rovkach avatar
Viktor Rovkach
Brand Manager at felyx
The client is thrilled with the new site and excited to deploy it soon. Halo Lab manages tasks well and communicates regularly to ensure both sides are always on the same page and all of the client’s needs are addressed promptly.
Rahil Sachak Patwa avatar
Rahil Sachak Patwa
Founder, TutorChase

Logo creation


A truly iconic logo is a trail of drafts

We explored different sketches during the design process. Initially, our designers considered wordmarks that convey a sense of technology, innovation, or modernity. We also experimented with minimalist symbols to accompany the wordmark. Ultimately, our team chose a wordmark featuring the infinity symbol and a symbol formed from C and A, creating an infinity loop.


A truly iconic logo is a trail of drafts

We explored different sketches during the design process. Initially, our designers considered wordmarks that convey a sense of technology, innovation, or modernity. We also experimented with minimalist symbols to accompany the wordmark. Ultimately, our team chose a wordmark featuring the infinity symbol and a symbol formed from C and A, creating an infinity loop.

Being a data scientist, our client had written Python code to perform mathematical calculations. So, one of our key goals was to leverage the right technologies to correctly integrate this code into the platform.

Logo creation

Harnessing the power of technology to forge ahead


The adoption of Next.js was motivated by its proven ability to provide rapid page loading times, a crucial aspect for enhancing user experience. This React framework allowed us to implement server-side rendering and static generation, both of which significantly contribute to faster performance and improved SEO.

Sanity CMS

Our choice of Sanity CMS was strategic because the content management system is fully customizable and compatible with the Next.js framework. We prioritized the flexibility for manual text changes and image editing from the admin panel, which allowed our client to add new tutors, subjects, levels and create fresh pages within different sections.

Third-party integrations

We boosted user experience with IPGeolocation.io, pinpointing user locations and country codes to refine product usability and data accuracy. Reviews.io was key for showcasing and managing user feedback, enhancing trust, and boosting sales. For smooth email communication, we chose Nodemailer, making it a perfect fit for our diverse messaging needs.

Logo creation

Building identity through each detail


A palette with a premium touch

Our team has chosen a mix of white, blue, and pastel shades of yellow, red, and green. The deep blue gives a nod to the prestige of elite platforms, while white contrasts beautifully, bringing a breath of air and lightness to the site. These colors harmonize to keep the design clean and fresh and add a sense of quality and aspiration.


Sleek font for clear communication

We went all in with the Gilroy font because it’s a champ at readability across all devices and screen sizes. It’s packed with various weights, perfect for highlighting the stuff you really need to see, and brings the right vibes of seriousness and confidence. This font keeps things clear and focused.

Unique elements

Visuals that navigate the learning path

In mapping out the educational journey, we wove lines and dots into our design. These visuals are a guide, symbolizing the swift and smooth digestion of information. To make it personal, we chose real images of people, letting visitors see a reflection of their own aspirations and showing how this adventure can unfold benefits every step of the way.

Logo creation

Easy sign-ups and speedy searches because who likes to wait?

Forms implementation

Just a few clicks to learning or teaching

We developed simple registers integrated into the Sanity CMS. This setup automatically redirected applications from students and tutors to the internal system for immediate processing and the company’s email, sorted into separate files for easy access by recruiters. This way, it becomes easier to track submission details like time and content.

Website search navigation

Making the journey to knowledge faster and friendlier

The website, full of various subjects, tests, and tutor sections, required an intuitive navigation system. To address this, we implemented a filter function for each page, allowing students, parents, and tutors to find relevant information quickly. As a result, the whole process became more efficient and user-centric.

Database management

Tricky sorting through subjects and levels

Managing the extensive database with subjects and levels presented its own set of certain bugs and difficulties in locating information in the admin panel. To solve this problem, we implemented an alphabetically organized system. It keeps all elements in the admin panel logically arranged from A to Z or, where necessary, from newest to oldest.