Develop Health — building a Swiss-style landing page in the healthcare industry

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Design and Webflow development of a page in the healthcare industry

The top player in the French transportation market owing to the power of vehicle-generated open data.

LinkByCar is a SaaS startup that created a tool to collect, process, and aggregate data from vehicles. With the use of AI technology, it can predict the behavior of any vehicle — all to ensure you safely get to your destination.

The company cooperates with popular car manufacturers, including Stellantis, Mercedes, and BMW. With an extensive network already in a place, they have serious potential to expand across all of Europe.

Working on a top-notch platform for simplified prescription processes and reduced clinician workload

Develop Health is a US company focused on building better medication utilization infrastructure. Their key goal is to optimize healthcare processes and improve patient outcomes with innovative AI technology.

To simplify medication access, they work on auto-filling prior authorization forms and using patient data. With high-fidelity digital infrastructure, the company develops health through engineering.

Web design
Link to Service
Webflow development
Link to Service
2 months
  • 48,000+
    vehicles LinkByCar gathers data from
  • 75+
    types of data collected by vehicles
  • 18
    car brands they collaborate with
  • $2.3M
    raised in funding
  • 4
    investors onboard
  • 3.31%
    monthly rank growth

Insurance company managers and automotive corporations typically face challenges with complex software. That’s why the process of collecting data from vehicles can be a bit of a headache.

Real-time vehicle tracking, predicting potential problems, and accident reconstruction — all of these had to be considered in the product design. A perfect software offers everything in one place, simplifying things for those who aren’t fluent in the language of technology.


Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies spend countless hours on medication authorizations, which can be a cause of patient dissatisfaction and provider burnout. This challenge leads to a growing demand for swift methods to connect and handle inquiries.

Efficient interactions that reduce delays and prevent missed opportunities — that’s what both providers and their patients feel the biggest lack of and need for.

It was a fully fresh perspective in every sense.

The research showed that competitors’ websites somewhat lagged behind the latest trends, which didn’t align with the technological and innovative nature of this business.

Hence, we aimed to convey the client’s digital orientation through a practical and rigorous branding approach, complemented by bright accents.

15 logo sketches
2 days spent on research
  1. Discovery. A user comes across a link or post in Discord.
  2. Saving to profile. The user can save these links/posts to their profile.
  3. Organizing content. They can create new collections or use existing ones to organize these links or posts.
  4. Easy retrieval. Later on, users easily find a specific link or post, either through a search, within a specific collection, or in their profile.
  5. Sharing. If they want to, users can share links, posts, or collections with others.
  6. Collaboration and discussion. Everyone can engage in discussions about what’s shared and even add new links to collections if they have access.
For a brand to speak with one voice, it needs a brand book to set the tone.

Focus on a Swiss-style simplicity

The analysis led us to create a brand image that was as innovative as Develop Health itself. To bring this idea to life and put the company’s tech prowess front and center, we opted for a Swiss-style branding strategy.

This decision was anchored by the style’s capability to create meaningful messages through simple elements, making it an ideal match for the client’s domain, where clarity and precision are paramount.

10 logo sketches
3 days dedicated to research


Solid concepts shape the brand’s voice

Concept 1: Fast connect

Through abstract geometric shapes, this concept showcases how Develop Health tackles healthcare challenges. The use of free space and non-standard grids in the layout introduces a fresh perspective, while the color scheme, featuring accent colors against a classic black and white backdrop, provides a striking visual contrast.

Concept 2: Starting point

This design concept is rooted in modern, technical graphics that flow through every element and guide the user's attention along a clear path. The contrasting color palette, highlighted by a single, bold accent color, reinforces this structured journey and creates a cohesive and engaging visual experience.


A blend of symbolism and abstraction

Through various concepts with multiple symbols, we came up with the final logotype. As a result, Halo Lab designers presented a distinctive and recognizable symbol created from different ideas — the medical cross.

Our team aimed to immediately convey the industry in which the company operates through the logo itself. By incorporating the medical emblem, we established an instant connection with the healthcare realm.

With the usage of simple forms, we made a recognizable symbol in the medical field, embodying the essence of care and well-being.

Functionality and aesthetic of Swiss design

To outline Develop Health’s essence through design, we focused on simplicity and minimalism, hallmarks of the Swiss style. This approach led us to craft an aesthetic that speaks of overcoming challenges, much like the company’s mission.

We achieved this through abstract graphics composed of simple geometric shapes. Our team strategically applied branding elements, creating a unified and distinctive look for the company in the healthcare field.

Contrasting color palette and structured typography formed the foundation of the brand style, leading to meaningful communication with users.

Trust in a website depends on the details

Most of the competitors didn’t have trust indicators or product usage reviews on their platforms. This was a great signal for us to focus on credibility and start brainstorming on a better perception of Develop Health.

The work process started with the creation of a two-page site using social proof elements to showcase the company’s expertise and product quality.

5 competitors evaluated from every angle
3 days spent on research

Creating an innovative AI-driven medical website

Concept 1: Bold & Balanced

The first concept is based on a three-column grid with a restrained color scheme and mixed composition. This approach integrates branded graphics in the background, complemented by quality photos and bold typography. The design, although rich in elements, is carefully crafted to retain a sense of openness and space.

Concept 2: Colorful & Contrasting

Another concept unfolds with a vibrant grid and brighter color scheme, contrasting with the first one’s restraint. The layout focuses on content and large headlines supported by branded graphics. A narrow left column adds structure, while the vivid background enhances the visual appeal.


Building a landing page with a custom tech stack

When approaching the challenge of building a platform from scratch, we focused on the opportunity to create something truly bespoke and tailored to the client’s requirements.

Our team chose Webflow as the primary development platform. Later on, we recorded a detailed screencast on how to use the admin panel with tips on content editing.

10 technologies used
10 hours spent on tech stack review
concept 01
concept 02
No items found.
concept 01
concept 02
No items found.
No items found.

Halo Lab provided brand analysis services that helped us with better understanding our market type, niche, customers, and competitors. They designed our whole SaaS platform, leveraging both UI and UX expertise. Furthermore, they used React to help us build a customer-facing dashboard that connects to our existing backends.

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Our clients say

The site developed by Halo Lab projected a very premium experience, successfully delivering the client’s messaging to customers. Despite external challenges, the team’s performance was exceptional.
Aaron Nwabuoku avatar
Aaron Nwabuoku
Founder, ChatKitty
Thanks to Halo Lab's work, the client scored 95 points on the PageSpeed insights test and increased their CR by 7.5%. They frequently communicated via Slack and Google Meet, ensuring an effective workflow.
Viktor Rovkach avatar
Viktor Rovkach
Brand Manager at felyx
The client is thrilled with the new site and excited to deploy it soon. Halo Lab manages tasks well and communicates regularly to ensure both sides are always on the same page and all of the client’s needs are addressed promptly.
Rahil Sachak Patwa avatar
Rahil Sachak Patwa
Founder, TutorChase

Logo creation


A truly iconic logo is a trail of drafts

We explored different sketches during the design process. Initially, our designers considered wordmarks that convey a sense of technology, innovation, or modernity. We also experimented with minimalist symbols to accompany the wordmark. Ultimately, our team chose a wordmark featuring the infinity symbol and a symbol formed from C and A, creating an infinity loop.


A truly iconic logo is a trail of drafts

We explored different sketches during the design process. Initially, our designers considered wordmarks that convey a sense of technology, innovation, or modernity. We also experimented with minimalist symbols to accompany the wordmark. Ultimately, our team chose a wordmark featuring the infinity symbol and a symbol formed from C and A, creating an infinity loop.

Being a data scientist, our client had written Python code to perform mathematical calculations. So, one of our key goals was to leverage the right technologies to correctly integrate this code into the platform.

Logo creation

Logo creation


Sketches that form next-gen healthcare solutions

At first, our logo ideas varied in their approach, from minimalist designs to more complex patterns. The key message across all sketches was to convey that the platform is advanced and accessible. This is why we focused all our efforts on finding the right symbol that subtly hinted at the technical expertise of Develop Health in the healthcare industry.

Logo do’s

Medical symbolism is a priority

As the cross sign is widely recognized in the medical field, we aimed to complement its uniqueness. Our team reinforced this mark with the addition of a pointer image, symbolizing direction and precision. Minimalist and abstract forms of the Swiss style enhanced the logo’s adaptability across different mediums and contexts.

Logo don’ts

A well-cut logo delivers a clear message

Our team presented guidelines on logo usage and correct color combinations. The recommendations include mark and wordmark constructions, showcasing how they can be adapted for different digital platforms. To further aid in understanding, we provided examples of improper usage with scenarios that could negatively impact the brand’s perception and reputation.

Logo creation

Establishing a visual DNA with the brand book

Color palette

Muted shades mixed with dynamic accents

We opted for a classic interplay of black and white colors with a gray foundation, evoking a sense of depth and confidence. The real vibrancy came from accent colors — flame red and bright yellow. These lively hues were strategically used to highlight key messages, drawing attention to the dynamic aspects of our design.


Bold headlines and well-readable body text

Our designers selected fonts that resonate with Swiss typography and grid-based design principles. The choice of TASA Orbiter for the headline mirrored branding elements, reinforcing a confident and distinctive look. For the body text, we picked Inter to improve the user experience and tie together the brand identity.

Graphic materials

Storytelling in simple visual language

While designing graphic materials, we focused on simplicity to craft visual stories that speak volumes. Our designers came up with two compositions — an orange circle and a yellow rectangle. These dynamic shapes were strategically placed throughout the landing page, illustrating how the company overcomes challenges.

Brand in use

Consistency in style for better recognition

To show the real-life use cases of the brand’s visual elements, we provided grids to create marketing posters that fit different sizes and layouts. Additionally, our team included social media templates, illustrating the versatility and adaptability of the Develop Health digital language across mediums.

Logo creation

Transforming workflow with advanced tech toolbox

Programming and styling

JavaScript allowed us to integrate various libraries, each contributing unique functionalities to boost the interactivity and dynamic nature of Develop Health. For styling and designing the visual aspect of a web page, our team used the good old CSS, with its flexibility to craft aesthetic and functional interfaces.

Third-party integrations

To simplify form management and data collection, we integrated HubSpot through This CRM platform provided all the necessary tools for email outreach, web traffic analysis, marketing campaign automation, and tracking customer activity, thereby increasing interaction with the audience.

Animation tools

We brought the landing page to life with dynamic page scrolls thanks to Swiper and AOS libraries. Remodal provided sleek modal windows for forms and notifications, while SmoothScroll was used to moderate the scroll speed. The Finsweet extension enabled automatic scrolling on mobile devices when users open a menu.

Web technologies

Our team created 4 CMS collections  — Partners, Review, Teams, and FAQ — to efficiently manage and update diverse content types. With a focus on security, we implemented the Captcha tool, offering spam prevention and providing the integrity of user submissions on the client’s platform.