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Project outset

About the client

The Variable is an independent creative agency that specializes in providing design services focused on marketing and advertising materials. They drive growth for today, which ensures growth for tomorrow. Because of such a unique approach, The Variable collaborated with globally-recognized brands, like Electrolux, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Char-Broil, NAPA Auto Parts, BASF, Nestlé, and P&G, helping companies across the globe relentlessly combat their greatest challenge — consumer indifference.

Services we provided:

UX/UI design Webflow


4 months

The Variable’s numbers

According to Statista, with increasing internet access and the growing prominence of online platforms, digital advertising in the USA was expected to reach approximately 616 billion dollars in 2022. By 2027, global digital advertising revenue is projected to surpass one trillion dollars, highlighting its increasing importance in the advertising industry.

As The Variable is headquartered in North Carolina, USA, it directly contributes to these numbers, day-by-day fostering the industry’s growth. With a sincere passion and broad experience of 90 dedicated employees, the company achieved a $25M revenue and helped hundreds of organizations to win their customers’ hearts.


Enthusiastic specialists


Agency's total revenue


The main challenge of this project was to design a website that would totally match the rebellious and innovative spirit of The Variable. To achieve these goals, a complete digital overhaul was necessary. This included defining the company’s target, creating a bold and user-friendly UI/UX design, and bringing all our ideas and website’s functionality to life — with specific customized elements and catchy details.



Our team took on the task of identifying and resolving the project’s pain points. Armed with a wealth of information, we set out to create an unmatched identity for the agency through design and development solutions. For this, we chose a contrasting color palette, large images and videos, bold typography, and cartoonish personalized icons that together create a well-structured website, as bright and audacious as The Variable itself.


In-depth research

Competitive analysis

To help the client achieve a distinctive and recognizable visual identity, we started by an in-depth analysis of industry competitors, looking for the most effective brand-building strategies. By examining the most successful features in the advertising market, such as black & white videos, large typography, and consistent visual elements, our team identified best practices for The Variable.


User profile

The Variable’s target

Through brainstorming sessions, we have identified the client’s target user is a business seeking professional assistance to bring their creative vision to life. These organizations need the help of advertising companies to establish a strong brand presence with eye-catching visuals and develop effective marketing campaigns that resonate with their audience. Most of all, such businesses value the agency’s ability to understand their goals. That’s why an intuitive website with accessible content and bold details is what they need to ensure the advertising company may deliver their message accurately and efficiently.


UI/UX insights

Bold brutal design

Having identified the struggles of the client’s customers and their companies, we needed to find the right design solutions because pictures, colors, and fonts are crucial tools for communicating the mood and message of the project. In light of this, when selecting the colors, our team aimed to stay true to the brutal design, creating a visuality that would be etched in the memory of visitors. That’s why we decided to blend black, purple, and red colors, which exuded a rebellious mood of the platform. To maintain a visual balance, our designers interspersed this palette with touches of light gray and white.

Keeping in mind The Variable’s contrasting and energetic mood, our team used the bold Barlow Condensed font for headers and classical Montserrat for the main body. As a final touch, we incorporated customized stickers, various unusual animations, and large CTA blocks. Ultimately, our team created a brutal but friendly design that accurately conveys The Variable’s love for experiments and innovations.

All-in-one tool

Webflow crafting

To bring all design ideas to life, we utilized Webflow technology, as it offers all the features that our team needed. Firstly, it has a fully integrated cloud-based CMS, which makes it super easy to update and manage content without any hassle. Secondly, Webflow is known for its great optimization capabilities, so the website can look fantastic across all devices. Last but not least, Webflow allowed us to integrate with Zapier. It was beneficial for the client as they could automatically add posts from Instagram to their website.


End point

Final milestone

Thanks to the seamless project management process and transparent communication with the client, we rocked this project, presenting The Variable in a new light. Our team put every effort into delivering meaningful design and development solutions that perfectly met the project’s specific needs and requirements. As a result, the client is satisfied with the easily recognizable brand visuality, while their customers are more than excited to work with The Variable and conquer their market in the most creative and effective way ever.


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