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INDUSTRY: Cybersecurity

About the project

The client

In this day and age, data has become a valuable commodity and, consequently, a target for many malicious actors. Many entities constantly monitor your online presence, and while tech giants are mostly trustworthy, others might be gathering and selling your information with ill intent. However, protecting yourselves and your customers is possible and necessary. And this is where Cyboro comes in.

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The result

For this site, we created an incredibly minimalist, modern, and stylish design. In a way, it resembles a sketch, with its neat thin lines, simple shapes, and greyscale photos. The minimalist approach is further supported by the tried-and-true black-and-white scheme with just a tiny bit of gentle color gradients for emphasis.

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Despite all the visual simplicity, it’s a highly dynamic and reactive design: the animated elements make it look like a working mechanism that watches and responds to whatever you do, reinforcing the idea of data protection and cybersecurity.

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cyboro typographycyboro typography
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“Halo Lab delivered a unique and original design that makes my company stand out from the competition — they didn’t provide a template-based design or something trendy. Their development is world-class and perfection itself.”

Ronan Casey

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