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The client

About the project

Casefair is an advanced cloud-based recruitment platform that enables companies to hire the best employees thanks to AI-driven screening and candidate insights. The idea behind it is to alleviate pressure on HR departments of large companies worldwide, offering them to deal only with the best candidates. Casefair achieves this by having the candidates provide solutions to various theoretical problems. After that, the platform automatically grades a candidate’s approach to everyday situations. The HRs can then choose from these profiles, immediately noticing the employees who fit the bill.

Casefair hiring process


The task

The client asked us to help them invent their corporate identity and showcase it coherently across all channels. Since Casefair is a state-of-the-art platform offering top-of-the-range recruitment solutions, its website’s design, logo, and brand had to communicate those markers clearly. Having noted the client’s preferences, our design team got to work.

Services we provided:
1 month


The result

After a brief but meticulous design process, we have presented our vision for Casefair. With color psychology in mind, we chose light green as the primary color — representing hopefulness, balance, and reliability. The identity overall feels neat and spacious, with design elements hinting at the high-tech nature of the company.

Casefair logo sketchCasefair logo sketch

Casefair’s new logo ingenuously combines several images all associated with searching and working with people. Depending on how you look at it, the logo alludes to a human with a raised hand, a "cone of vision", and even a radar screen — just right to capture the essence of Casefair. Needless to say, the client loved our idea and promptly adopted it.

Casefair logo
Casefair colorsCasefair colors
Casefair typography
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Casefair brand
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“Halo Lab delivered a unique and original design that makes my company stand out from the competition — they didn’t provide a template-based design or something trendy. Their development is world-class and perfection itself.”

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