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Nowadays, all the world companies that can afford it have moved to work remotely. Halo Lab Team has been working remotely with different countries and projects for a long time. So, we can highlight experienced remote team benefits and are ready to share them with you.

Benefits of working in different time zones

All existing conditions should be used to benefit the project. For the time zone to become an advantage rather than a disadvantage of the team, you need to allocate resources correctly and build the process of working with the client logically. This is done at the initial stages when the call days, their time, and other organizational issues are discussed.

It is worthwhile to create a working schedule from project deadlines and studio staff workloads, as there are always several projects.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that the <mark>correct coordination of work creates fantastic conditions for different time zones</mark>. If the client is west of us (USA), our time zone is “ahead” of him, and we have more time for the task. For example, the client needs a presentation by 10:00 New York time. We have enough time to make the presentation quietly, and if the client wants to get in touch early, we will also have an opportunity to make corrections. If the client is east of us (Asia), he can set the task at the end of his working day, and in the morning, he can already get the ready design.

When you know the schedule, the client often formulates clearer the TOR and comments. That improves process efficiency. The same is true for us – we need to clearly describe what we have done and anticipate the client’s questions and comments to reduce the time required to finalize the design.

No territorial restrictions

Often local boundaries serve as real barriers to tough projects. Team that does not depend on geographical conditions <mark>becomes literally independent</mark>.

Horizons are open: it is possible to work with everyone, the schedule adjusts to any projects, technological possibilities allow to create surprising functionality for products, and there is a possibility to involve top experts for projects. Isn’t it beautiful?

Experienced remote team

Let’s take it in order. There already have been enough remote specialists before. The COVID-19 situation, that has happened so far, has brought even more professionals to the outsourcing market. Only one nuance: not everyone was prepared for it. The main hiccup in cooperation with a remote team is communication. We discussed team advantages over individual specialists in more detail in the article Freelance versus Team: who is better to work with? So, the experienced team has its own set of advantages:

  • the processes of working are clear;
  • they have all needed tools;
  • the construction of the work is already set up.

At the same time, each employee must clearly understand his role in the team, his KPI, and what the result and by what time is expected of him.

The actual task for the owner of the product in this matter is to choose the right people for the product goals. Of course, you have to select the best and the one who understand what and how to do it when you are in different time zones, political, technological, and economic conditions.

Access to different points of view and experience in the remote team

Sometimes different questions appear. When a team player needs to discuss this question, everyone can take part in it to choose the most successful solution for the given task. And this is precisely the case when combined <mark>experience and skills lead to the best result. That together saves time, increases efficiency, and minimizes recycling</mark>. In this way, the team makes it possible to implement projects that are beyond the capacity of one person.

And do not forget that a remote team can accommodate specialists of different peoples and age groups, which is a different view of things, sometimes innovative approach and unambiguously experience in solving similar issues.

Collaboration and synchronization

We also have to mention the exceptional possibilities for collaboration. When several specialists from the same or cross-industries come together to try to create something new, the reaction does not take long. <mark>Everyone collaborates</mark>: brands, designers with products, platforms with product owners, and everything with each other. This is a <mark>unique opportunity</mark> that allows a specialist in a different field or style to look at a product and bring in such vivid ideas that the project’s permanent staff might not have noticed. The convergence of forces is a catalyst that designers, startups, and owners of large enterprises actively use.

Thus, it is an effective solution that is easy to use and get what you need. The only necessary condition is the right partner.

What did we mean by that

Now there is a unique opportunity for those who have always wanted but were afraid to work with a remote team. And that’s cool because currently the choice is not limited to local companies. And all the worries about the organization of the workflow will be solved by a team with years of experience working on such projects. You’ll have access to a workforce of experienced professionals who will probably be more financially profitable, plus with a workflow already set up. It is a time of new experience. There is no time to be afraid or doubtful, and there is only one option – to adapt and do it quickly.

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