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Tired of scrolling through the same old designs looking for inspiration? Sure, traditional websites look nice, but they might not be what you need. If you’re after something unexpectedly cool, the combo of black and orange will definitely leave a lasting impact.

The mix of these two contrasting colors creates a bold statement that’s hard to ignore. Black and orange together add energy and style to any web design, making it perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. In this article, we’ll check out some of the most eye-catching web designs that will spark your creativity.

What is the black and orange website

A black and orange website uses the striking contrast of these two colors to create a memorable look. Black adds a touch of elegance, while orange brings energy and vibrancy. Together, they make a dynamic, engaging look that captures attention and leaves a positive impression. Such a versatile color combination works well for various industries, from tech startups to creative portfolios, and is perfect for brands that demand to be noticed.

If you want a sleek, modern feel and at the same time a fun, lively vibe, a black and orange website can make it happen.

20 examples of modern black and orange website designs

Why choose the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? That’s what we thought, and put together a collection of our modern black and orange website designs just for you. These designs showcase the perfect blend of elegance and energy, making them stand out in the digital world. So, let’s take a closer look at these stunning examples!

1. Efficient Team

When working on this mockup, we chose orange as the main color, using several shades of it throughout the layout. The highlight is cartoon-style matches that aim to grab attention and convey an important message in a fun way.

Lit design, in every sense

2. Vestox

Our designers used a combination of colors to pinpoint the benefits. For the important information blocks, we highlighted them in bright orange, while black was used to accentuate the CTAs that users are sure to notice.

That bright orange accent that catches the eye first

3. Aspire

The design features bold text with italic touches and high-quality images on a dark, solid background. The muted orange color in the visuals adds a touch of intrigue, inviting users to take a closer look at every detail.

Intriguing details hide in orange hues


In this minimalist website, we spiced up the style by adding black and orange touches. With a light gray background as the main color, the focus is on orange accents in the form of graphics and black accents for the text. 

Orange and black made the next big thing in design

5. Lonot

This design is a great example of using gradients to create a warm, inviting feel. Instead of black, our designers chose a different dark shade — deep green. This choice blends well with the overall layout and creates a friendly atmosphere for visitors.

Swapping black for green and keeping it just as appealing

6. Wildbank

Using an interesting color scheme as the base, we created a product design that captures the wildness of nature. With sections in bright orange tones, our experts conveyed the strong spirit of this project. Black lines, reminiscent of wild animal patterns, fit perfectly into the overall design.

Wild design choice with wild accent details

7. Zeus-X

Designs based on dark themes always impress the audience. Knowing this, we used a dark gray shade as the primary color for the site, complemented by dynamic orange elements. The result is a bold, modern look that grabs attention and keeps users engaged.

Quality graphics with dark shades create a “wow” effect

8. Polo

Visually splitting the screen into two parts, our designers highlighted the top section with a solid black color, complemented by an orange accent in the form of a Polaroid photo. The lower section uses a light theme, also featuring bright accents throughout the site.

Keeping the focus on the right things

9. Carter

Thinking that some experimentation never hurts, we created a layout based on bright orange. Combined with black font and elements, it sets a unique tone for the brand. The white color and vibrant shade of orange balance the entire design perfectly.

Orange is always a good idea

10. Coucher 

This design is a great example of using black as the primary color. Complemented by orange, white, and yellow tones, this layout creates a feeling of a whole new world. Bright headings on the black background add a special charm.

Staying dynamic in a dark theme

11. New collection

Continuing with the dark background idea, we decided to emphasize orange tones, especially in the headings and key metrics. The design, complemented by minimalist lines, creates a clean layout without unnecessary elements that might distract attention.

Fiery orange on a black is an easy way to attract attention

12. Virtuality

We highlighted the right accents on the layout by choosing a simple yet interesting placement of additional elements. Here, the main focus is on the heading and the visual components next to it in white and orange tones.

A captivating design can start with a black

13. Vision 3.0

The first element that catches the eye is a bold black heading at the top of the screen. Further down the page, we added a photo with a vibrant orange element that perfectly complements the overall aesthetic of the layout.

Minimalist yet impactful design

14. Muzi+

Harnessing the power of orange, we drew viewers’ attention to the visual elements in this design. The background features muted orange tones that don’t blend with the main color, creating a sharp contrast with the black text.

Making things bright and screaming 

15. Labora 

Here, we chose a bright orange color for the main block. Combined with a dark black background, white section, and accent yellow area, it creates a subtle contrast. Bold white text black base adds a solid touch, making the design visually intriguing.

Orange touches make a big difference

16. Investary

Not content with a black and orange palette, we added secondary violet accents to this layout. These three colors blend well on an ivory background, each playing its designated role perfectly.

Adding an extra pop with violet

17. Art & Future 

Focusing on a light shade of orange, we created a clear contrast throughout the design. Against a solid background, the black text, graphics, and CTA buttons stand out boldly, clearly guiding users on what to do next.

Light orange is still eye-catching

18. Boostio

This design definitely won’t go unnoticed. Dynamic shades of orange blend with deep black text on the website, providing users with a warm vibe. The unique placement of elements adds a touch of intrigue.

A beautiful design concept wrapped in black and orange hues

19. JBY London

To create something unique, the Halo Lab team focused on an orange splash right at the center of the website. Bold black text against a bright accent captures the attention first, creating a contrast pleasant on the eyes.

A splash of orange creates an attractive design

20. Masuno

Balancing minimalism with a vibrant design, we mixed bright orange details with dark black text. This combination doesn’t cause irritation. Instead, it creates a layout that is visually interesting to explore. 

Right accents strike the perfect balance in design

Design your black and orange website with Halo Lab

Imagine sleek black backgrounds that make your content pop, paired with vibrant orange accents, drawing the eye exactly where you want it. By combining this dynamic duo, the Halo Lab agency pushes the boundaries of design. From bold, striking headers to subtle, elegant details, we know how to make these colors work together to tell your brand’s story. If you want to see your website in a whole new light, drop us a line, and we’ll transform your ideas into reality.

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