Healthcare website design — best examples and proven tips

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Creating a website design is a tricky task, but when it comes to the healthcare industry, everything gets even more challenging. In this realm, striking a balance between compelling visuals and informative content is of utmost importance, as it’s central to doctor-patient communication. And this is what truly matters to make the treatment journey pleasant, efficient, and even fun.

Finding the right blend of elements, especially for the medical sector, is a real head-scratcher. To build trust and show reliability, the style has to match the seriousness of the field but still feature a friendly and warm tone of voice. In this article, we’ll tell you how to achieve this effect. So, read on as we uncover the best examples of medical-related designs, along with proven tips on how to make your website 100% useful and aesthetic.

Why is good website design essential for medical companies?

Ever wondered why top-notch website design is a big deal for medical companies? Well, these platforms serve as the first impression for patients, caregivers, and stakeholders. It’s not just a bunch of pages and links but a clear message that outlines the specifics of medical practice and the kind of care you provide. A well-designed website acts like a welcoming front desk, building trust and credibility from the get-go.

And it’s not just about looking good. Efficient website design for medical companies is about clear communication that paves the way on a complex healthcare journey. The easier it is for patients and caregivers to find what they need, the better. After all, don’t all of us prefer websites that keep things simple, without any complexities and headaches?

In the healthcare world, where every second counts, a well -organized and user-friendly website can make all the difference.

Real-life design projects in the healthcare industry

Now when we’ve talked about why good design matters, let’s switch gears and get some inspiration. In the next chapter, you’ll find the best real-life examples of healthcare websites designed by Halo Lab’s team. We truly hope each one can serve you as a source of ideas, showing how creative and efficient a medical website can be.

And later on, we’ll explore some Dribbble projects our team created to further demonstrate expertise in designing for this niche. Who knows, maybe these pieces will inspire you to experiment and study all the nuances of healthcare web design, too?


Let’s start with Happy, a company that specializes in selling clear aligners for people all over Israel. They collaborate with partner doctors to ensure first-class medical care while promoting healthy teeth and, as a result, fulfilling lives.

Happy’s website stands out for its user-friendly and inclusive design, catering to diverse age groups, especially young adults. They’ve got a cool sticker-style layout with images and block-based tiles, reflecting a holographic, joyful vibe. The transitions between blocks have their own unique animations, which add even more curiosity to the website.

As a great extra, Happy’s branding incorporates vibrant energy brought to life through pictures of smiling patients. It’s a stress-free digital environment that mirrors the reassuring presence of a well-run medical facility, simplifying complex information and interactions with a user-friendly design.

Stickers are a great tool to tell your brand’s idea in a simple way

nyra health

nyra health is a Vienna-based company that has created an AI-powered platform dedicated to diagnosing and treating neurological disorders. Their mission is to assist individuals recovering from different conditions under medical supervision, helping them return to a normal state.

What stands out in nyra health’s website design is its simple interface, customized for medical professionals monitoring patient recovery. It incorporates clear, doctor-friendly data presentation, with functional UI elements like progress-tracking graphics and a unique complaint tagging system.

A noteworthy aspect of the design is its intuitive and well-structured layout. While it predominantly features classic healthcare shades of blue, known for their calming and trust-inspiring qualities, the design is softened and enlivened by touches of various pastel colors in the graphics. These gentle hues contribute to a friendly and inviting atmosphere, steering away from the typical sterile and monotonous feel often associated with medical websites.

The content needs to be clear enough to simplify users’ navigation


Providing innovative treatment methods with a high Swiss quality standard, HAIR&SKIN specializes in hair transplants and PRP treatments. With a focus on the happiness and glow of their clients, the company uses advanced techniques that allow for excellent, long-lasting results and fast wound healing.

The website’s sleek and bold style highlights medical expertise with scrolling photos and updated clinical procedure prices. Besides, its clean grid foundation provides a visually balanced layout, minimalistic typography, and a calm color palette of black, white, and light green, along with coral CTA buttons for contrast.

This design enhances the user experience, streamlining the appointment booking process and reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation in healthcare. 

A balanced layout allows the content to shine across all devices


Being located in the heart of Asia, a perinatal wellness center We-go offers holistic care for mothers and babies. Using cutting-edge technologies, they provide women and their newborns with vitamin-rich food, post-pregnancy procedures, and special treatment services.

The website design embodies a sense of calmness and serenity, essential for an audience of mothers and infants. In line with this theme, soft pastel colors and warm, welcoming images create a nurturing and supportive atmosphere.  Adding to the comforting aura, the website features rounded soft shapes — circles, semi-circles, and ellipses. They subtly echo the themes related to infancy and maternity, evoking associations with cocoons, swaddling, and embraces.

The site’s layout is clean and user-friendly, ensuring that important information and services are easily accessible to new and expecting mothers seeking guidance and support.

Soft pastel colors evoke feelings of harmony with nature


Kinetik is a tech platform dedicated to the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) sector. It aims to connect patients, transportation carriers, and care providers, facilitating the organization, monitoring, and management of all NEMT-related matters.

Adhering to the “less is more” rule, Kinetik’s design features minimalistic lines and dots symbolizing drivers on roads. The interface is tailored for usability with the usage of animations that demonstrate functionality. To immediately grab attention, it features a transition from a dark to a light theme.

The design stands out for its fresh blue and menthol gradients, clean fonts, and clear visuals that convey healthcare innovation and technological advancement. Scrolling down, you can see the company’s crucial numbers highlighted in a pleasant green color, which indicate their achievements in the market.

Fresh blue and menthol gradients bring to mind associations with innovation

Develop Health

Being a US-based innovator in medication utilization, Develop Health enhances healthcare processes with AI technology. They simplify pharmaceutical access and reduce clinician workload by automating prior authorization forms and utilizing patient data.

The website sports a minimalist vibe with a classic black, white, and gray palette, accented with eye-catching yellow and orange elements. CTAs and important metrics are also highlighted in bright colors, which immediately draws users’ eyes to the necessary elements. 

Additionally, an unconventional grid was used along with simple scroll animations to better handle extensive text components. In combination with various layouts and free space, this decision represents a careful balance between informational and captivating content. As a final flourish, an exclusive shape pack adds a personalized touch and reliable impression.

To reflect the brand’s essence, the imagery focuses on doctors and patients

Inspirational samples for healthcare web design

We’ve just explored a range of real-life projects our designers dedicated all their creativity to. But the inspiration doesn’t stop there because we have so much more to share with you. Let’s continue our journey by exploring some of the best examples from the Halo Lab’s Dribbble portfolio. Get ready to gather insightful tips and ideas that could be the turning point for your next web design project in the healthcare sector.


A company in the medical field, Birdyst, revolutionizes healthcare with its med-drone delivery service. The layout is structured and guides visitors effortlessly through the site, drawing attention to key features like a swift 15-minute delivery time and the ability to download a mobile app. The color scheme is striking yet soothing, with gray and black evoking professionalism and tranquility. Blue accents cleverly highlight the site’s most critical elements, directing users to what truly matters.

Structured layout is a sign of a hassle-free user journey


Emote’s design reflects their focus on mental well-being. The use of soft, comforting colors, like pastels and warm neutrals, creates a soothing atmosphere, inviting users into a safe, supportive online space. The layout is clean and straightforward, making it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they need. Notably, the website employs friendly, approachable imagery and fonts, resonating with the empathetic nature of its services. 

Soothing design with pastel colors makes users feel relaxed


The Medef company, operating in the medtech field, reflects an innovative approach through its website design. A 3D image of a pill right in the center of the page immediately signals Medef’s connection to the medical sector. The use of a pastel color palette with dynamic red accents gives the site a professional yet approachable look. Also, high-quality images stress technological expertise and commitment to advancing healthcare solutions, while crucial numbers around confirm this.

Moderate and strategic use of dynamic animations draws users’ attention


Merck mirrors its stature and professionalism with the use of a dark blue layout and 3D images of viruses and bacteria. The placement of neon yellow accents effectively communicates the company’s establishment date and industry focus to users. Bold typography, in turn, enhances readability, simplifying user understanding without visual clutter.

Dark colors with bright accents can leave a remarkable impression

360 Dent

The 360 Dent website captivates viewers with a vivid image of a smiling woman. In the center of the page, a prominent element enables users to submit their phone number for a callback, providing convenient consultation options. The website emphasizes the company’s top deals, showcasing discounts and high-quality pictures to grab attention. On top of that, its color palette is simple and minimalist, featuring a white background with distinct accents.

Simplicity and minimalism lead the way in the healthcare sector


With the use of light shades of blue, Mymo’s website design reflects the company’s innovative stance in the health and wellness sector. Vibrant colors with simple graphics and high-quality images immediately draw attention, stressing an easy-to-fill email form. Additionally, the choice of bold font for crucial figures emphasizes the company’s professionalism within the medical industry.

Simple graphics can help to reflect an innovative medical approach


Hospity employs a professional look with a blue and white color scheme, signifying trust and clarity. The homepage features a large illustration with bold, clear text overlaid, immediately conveying the company’s focus on AI-driven healthcare solutions. Navigation elements are prominently displayed, ensuring easy access to different site sections.

Free space in design allows elements to “breathe”

Proven tips for optimizing the design of your medical website

Following the inspiration from the healthcare website designs, let’s move on to something equally important: practical tips to elevate your medical website. Read on as we explore 5 proven strategies that’ll give your site a fresh look and make it more effective.

Prioritize user experience

First and foremost, ensure your medical website is user-friendly. Keep the structure straightforward, allowing visitors to navigate easily, find information quickly, and surf your site without any confusion. A good user experience means everyone will have a smooth and stress-free interaction, which is essential for a healthcare website. The goal here is to keep things clear and easy.

Ensure mobile responsiveness

After taking care of the user experience, the next crucial aspect is to meet the needs of the growing mobile audience. With more people accessing health information via smartphones and tablets, a mobile-responsive design is a necessity. So, you should make the website look awesome and work smoothly on these smaller screens, too. This way, users can access important healthcare information anytime and anywhere.

Incorporate clear visuals

Next, let’s focus on visuals. In the realm of healthcare design, clear and engaging elements can make it accessible to everyone. Thus, consider incorporating diagrams, infographics, and high-quality images to simplify complex medical information.

Good visuals make your site informative and attractive, helping to convey your message with more precision.

Maintain a professional layout

Another aspect worth attention is the layout — the backbone of your site’s design. To represent a professional style, it’s vital to make content as digestible as possible. Here, the main aim remains the same — strike the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. This includes thoughtful placement of text blocks, images, and navigation elements to create a flow and guide users with ease.

Implement strong call-to-actions

Let’s wrap our tips with a crucial element — call-to-actions. After setting up a professional layout, it’s vital to guide your visitors to act. Strong CTAs are like signposts, directing users to book appointments or text you. The buttons and links are the final nudge that encourages users to engage with your services. Make them clear, concise, and compelling to convert site visits into devoted users. 

How can Halo Lab help you design a healthcare website?

When it comes to designing healthcare websites, Halo Lab has a huge experience and expertise, as showcased by the numerous example projects we’ve outlined. By focusing on intuitive navigation and accessible design, our team creates digital experiences that resonate with both clinic professionals and patients.

Thus, if you’re searching for a result-oriented design team, look no further. Halo Lab can be your go-to solution to turn inspiring ideas into a slick, functional website. To get more details and start working on your amusing healthcare project, contact us anytime — our managers are here for you 24/7.

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