Who run the world? Disney vs Netflix

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29 Feb
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Oh, come on! Don’t say that you haven’t heard the news about the launch of the Disney streaming service. In March we have already heard about the launch of the Netflix competitor. It sounds a little weird to think that Disney and Netflix compete with different kinds of content for different target audiences. But let’s take a closer look at whether everything is as simple as it seems.

Marvel and other Disney franchises

Netflix streaming Marvel’s superhero content, which belongs to Disney. And now, the agreement between Netflix and Disney on the production and streaming of this content was terminated, and Netflix ceased production of the series “Iron Fist”, “Luke Cage” and “Daredevil”, also closed streaming of any other series of Marvel. Do not forget about the franchises Pixar and Star Wars, which also belong to Disney.

Content: who has the more?

Many claims that the amount of content produced by Netflix far exceeds Disney content. But even then Disney managed to get ready. There are rumours in the network that the company is going to acquire assets of 21st Century Fox, which will significantly increase the number of content.

Netflix was founded in 1997, but became popular a couple of years ago
Netflix was founded in 1997, but became popular a couple of years ago

Financial policy

Is there a real competition? Disney is already trying to attract viewers at a low cost. They have set the price of its streaming services lower than Netflix, with a convenient annual subscription plan. If the monthly subscription price is $6.99, the annual subscription price is $69.99. While Netflix offers 4 subscription rates:

But what really matters: a lower price, or a qualitative content and great user-experience?
But what really matters: a lower price, or a qualitative content and great user-experience?

Is it convenient?

If in brief and on business the interface the services interface is generally similar: flow, menu and color. But the content focus is different: Disney is more family-oriented, while Netflix is trendy and youthful. But it’s too early to conclude, as the first one works in demo mode and plans to run only in November, if more precisely on November 12, 2019.

Disney + Promo web and how it looks
Disney + Promo web and how it looks

While our news is coming to its conclusion, we decided to share Netflix’s comment on this subject:

“We are not looking at Disney, Amazon or others, but at how we can improve the service for our users.”

As our art-director thinks that the Netflix does a tremendous job for innovative user-experience of the streaming service. And yes, it’s really hard to imagine that with a giant like Netflix someone would risk competing at all. The service works spotless. But Disney is not the first day on the market either.

On the whole, our conclusion is as follows: on the one hand, Netflix is daring and is not afraid to experiment with content formats, on the other hand, it is a classic Disney with a powerful team. But we’ll hold our breath and wait for the beginning of November to compare both services and write our review, but for now, we’ll observe the events on this battlefield.

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