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About the project

The client

Sight is a modern digital bank with a heavy focus on innovation, up-to-dateness, ease of use, and communication. The project employs advanced technologies and best industry practices, with all the banking details and secure transactions being mere taps away for the clients. It goes without saying that the identity, image, and design of such a company should clearly communicate these goals.

sight banking
Services we provided:
Branding Website Webflow
1 month
sight graphics


The result

As per the stated objectives, we have produced a crisp and modern design. The simple and clean typography and intricate color choices help customers feel at home. The orange adds just a bit of “juice” to the design making it more charismatic, while the dark blue-to-green gradient showcases the gravity and business nature of the project. At the same time, the white spaces imply transparency, effortlessness, and modernity that are sought-after in the industry.

sight logosight orange

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“Halo Lab delivered a unique and original design that makes my company stand out from the competition — they didn’t provide a template-based design or something trendy. Their development is world-class and perfection itself.”

Ronan Casey

Founder at Baamboozle