There’s a coronavirus pandemic in the world. One measure that can help cope with the disease is avoiding close contact with other people. There are also other recommendations. It is best to read about them on the WHO website. Also, everyone today needs proper healthcare treatment. We have a case study about the telemedicine product. This product is always relevant, but especially now.

Several hundred companies have already switched to remote work in connection with the virus. Remote work is different from office work, primarily in terms of communication. In the office, you usually have no problem contacting colleagues; you just come up and start a conversation. Remote work will not allow you to do this.

The first thing to do is to decide what you need to do remotely:

  • a corporate messenger, where everyone can communicate individually;
  • a service for setting tasks within the team and on projects;
  • a service for calls.

These are three minimum base whales, which are necessary for remote work. But there are more such services. Our studio always puts the quality of work above all else, so we have prepared a list of services that we use personally to maintain the proper level of remote work.


The main communication channel of our studio. The same corporate messenger. Be sure to install it on home computers and one more tip to adjust the notifications. If you are starting to use this service, please note that the free version does not save old messages, so all critical information related to projects/tasks should be duplicated either in the documentation or in the tracker.


It’s an excellent alternative to calling, and you don’t have to agree on a time. Often it is easier and faster to spread the screen, show what you need, and explain in voice. You record a video and throw a link to it to the right person. He can record a loom in return. You should use the Loom when you realize that it will take you a long time to write to the Slack, you should put screenshots, etc.


And the Zoom is good for calls. But you have to coordinate the time, and it can cause delays and waste time. Calls are better used when it is necessary to participate in the discussion actively.

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Any information related to the work tasks must be in the tracker. This applies to the description of the job, priority, artist, and so on.

Social teamwork service. There we make reports on the work done, save templates for further use on any projects, keep the notes of educational courses if you have free time, and much more.

Perhaps this is the main thing. Do not forget that remote work is a heavy burden on management. Working outside the office is very difficult to keep tasks in mind on all your projects to control their progress, priority, and quality.

Whether you're looking for a cozy office or a remote position to apply your professional skills, you can find a job on Jooble with ease. Stay productive and good luck!